‘Desus and Mero’ break up, what happened between them?

Showtime’s late-night talk show ‘Desus and Mero’ has ended. The news that their favorite host, the Bodega Boys, had split up and would no longer appear on screen shocked and rebuked the duo’s fans. What happened to the show was:

Their podcast, Bodega Boys, Desus vs. With ongoing talk shows on Mero and Showtime, Desus Nice and The Kid Mero have established themselves as successful hosts over the past few years.

It was announced in a statement released by the network earlier today before the start of the fifth season of Desus and Mero’s show.

What’s going on with Desus and Mero?

According to a tweet posted on the account representing the program, Desus and Mero will not be returning for the show’s fifth season. On June 23, the last episode of the last season aired.

The decision to suspend the program was made by the two of them to ‘continue their independent creative activities’.

This revelation was released by the network after rumors about the show’s future surfaced days later. Before the announcement, season 4 has 15 episodes under the belt.

Desus and Mero
Greg Endless/Showtime

At the time of writing, neither Mero nor Desus have commented on the show’s conclusion.

But three days ago, Desus tweeted a questioning message. Beehive deserves a better finale, he wrote. Reddit can damage my reputation, but wait for the truth to come out.

Who is the host?

It is admirable that Desus and Mero became famous.

According to Sun, both celebrities worked for a variety of newspapers, including Complex, Vice, and Noisey, after graduating from college.

They later started the Bodega Boys podcast, which helped build a sizable fan base.

By December 2014, the duo had also produced another podcast called Desus vs Mero. They most recently appeared on MTV’s Guy Code season 5.

It started broadcasting late in 2016 and switched to Showtime in 2019.

Hosts were seen chatting with celebrities such as Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Denzel Washington during the program.

Bodegahive is running out of style.

Fans were completely unprepared for the news of the hit show’s cancellation. After the announcement, several disgruntled supporters tweeted:

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