Did Amber Heard actually stab James Franco? Pineapple Express Scene Review

Rumors have circulated on the Internet regarding the scene in which Amber Heard stabs fellow actor James Franco in the movie Pineapple Express.

Netizens are speculating that this scene was not included in the script from the beginning.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Did Amber Heard stab James Franco on the Pineapple Express?

Rumors of Amber Heard stabbing fellow actor James Franco came after a defamation scandal with ex-husband Johnny Depp.

After losing her trial, actress Aquaman continues to be trolled online relentlessly. Her netizens denounced her as her abuser when her court evidence showed her Hurd raised her hand against her Depp.

Still, few users wondered if the 36-year-old star had been abused at work.

User ‘u/edgarcia59’ went to Reddit and claimed in a post that Heard stabbing James Franco in the neck was not a script.

David Gordon Green’s Pineapple Express was released in 2008. It follows the story of Dale Denton (Seth Rogen), who witnesses the murder. Dale joins forces with drug dealer Saul (James Franco) to escape the killer.

Amber Heard also plays the role of Angie Anderson, Dale Denton’s high school girlfriend.

In the movie, there is a scene in which Heard’s character Angie stabs Franco’s character Saul with a fork.

The Pineapple Express Script Reveals the Truth About the stabbing scene

In the wake of the rumors, the script for the Pineapple Express was released, revealing that Amber Heard didn’t actually stab James Franco.

The script for the film is available on IMSDb, and it is clearly stated that Heard was asked to act as if he were stabbing Franco in the neck.

The script reads, ‘Angie grabbed a fork from the table and stabbed it in Saul’s shoulder’.

The actress has faced a lot of criticism since a defamation trial began with many people slandering her on the internet.

In addition, users made several TikTok videos mocking Heard’s testimony in court. The most popular meme among them was the trend ‘My dog ​​stepped on a bee’.

Heard addressed the issue of online hate in an exclusive interview with Savannah Guthrie on NBC.

The star said, ‘Even if anyone who is convinced I deserve all this hate and slander thinks I’m lying, you still couldn’t tell me, look me in the eyes and tell me you think There’s been a fair bit of expression on social media. I can’t say that I think this is fair.’



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