Did Taylor Swift’s song ‘Midnights’ mention a secret legacy?

Taylor Swift fans think that one of the more touching songs from her most recent album, Midnights, could be a reference to Secret Legacy. ‘Bigger Than The Whole Sky’, a bonus track on the CD’s ‘3am’ edition just released, depicts a grievous loss, despite not fully explaining the cause of the sadness. Taylor Swift, 32, mumbles in the first verse. Every single thing I touch is erased with compassion/Now that it’s over, go to the sea. The verse that follows describes how they say goodbye without meeting each other.

Even though it obscured what inspired the song, or assuming Taylor Swift wrote it from her point of view, fans visited social media platform Twitter to speculate on the heartbreaking lyrics. One fan asked, ‘Did Taylor Swift Write ‘Greater Than The Sky’ About Legacy? To my fellow heritage moms, BiggterThan The Whole Sky from Taylor Swift’s new album (one of the extra tracks) is rough, and it’s good to tune in to a specific organization when you’re feeling down. Taylor Swift’s new song “Bigger than the whole sky” takes a toll when experiencing a miscarriage. You may have cried too often over what someone else has tweeted. Another Swiftie used social media to warn people who have experienced miscarriage to make sure they’re in proper headspace before paying attention to ‘rough’ tunes.

Taylor Swift fans think the singer wrote about her secret legacy on her new album ‘Midnight’.

The highly anticipated Taylor Swift 10th studio album Midnights has finally arrived, offering more primitive insights than ever before in recent memories. The first 13 songs fell as the clock ticked 12 o’clock on Friday morning. But Taylor Swift, an expert on her shocks, didn’t stop there, providing seven more tracks just three hours after the fact happened. With a lot of content, fans dived into a lyrical analysis that stripped down every song’s layers and found the behind-the-scenes details we normally expect from Taylor Swift’s music. Anyway, there was only one emotional line that moved the individual quickly. ‘Bigger Than Whole Sky’, one of the seven songs on the 3 AM version, investigates the theme of loss, and its creepy lyrics lead fans to speculate that it might be about a miscarriage. It’s definitely a song about the experience of losing people or things.

Nevertheless, many fans have begun to interpret the song as a song about legacy, and after spending a ‘short time’ together, they hear a chorus contemplating never ‘meeting’ the individual being mentioned. After a while, fans gathered in a Reddit group to research the song, and many cited passages related to their legacy. One user said, ‘It’s so miserable. ‘Read thoroughly about the legacy or the heritage. One more person added in response to this. I’m going through a miscarriage now, and this has had a huge impact on me. One mother said that the passage was in perfect agreement with her own experience and she focused on feeling emotions similar to those described in her song. It’s also fascinating to note that this isn’t the first time Taylor’s fans first guessed about a song about a miscarriage or loss of pregnancy. Her song ‘Trick’ from her 2020 album Folklore began a discussion of her miscarriage after certain fans deciphered that the passage was describing a story of a profound and painful loss.

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