Did you say GOP representative Debbie Lesko would accidentally shoot her grandchildren?

Debbie Lesko shocked the world when she announced that she would shoot her grandchildren without paying the gun safety bill up front.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Rep. Debbie Lesko said she would shoot her grandson.

Arizona State Assemblyman Debbie Lesko got into trouble recently when she came to the House of Representatives on Tuesday to address the issue of gun safety legislation.

‘I have five grandchildren,’ she said. As a last resort, I will do anything to protect my five grandchildren, including shooting a gun to protect their lives if necessary.’

After making inflammatory remarks, Lesko angrily accuses Democrats of ‘trying to take away my rights, my rights to protect my grandchildren.’

Rep. Lee continued, “In order to protect children, grandchildren, wives and brothers and sisters, we are trying to deprive citizens of the right to obey the law. This measure eliminates the due process of law-abiding citizens.’

Users react to Debbie Lesko’s shocking statement.

Not surprisingly, many users expressed concern over Debbie Lesko’s need to oppose gun safety legislation and the revelations of shooting her grandchildren if necessary.

Nevertheless, the Conservative MP met a massive backlash from netizens on Twitter to criticize Lesco.

One user pointed out that ‘Debbie Lesco’s genius moves to escape her lifelong nanny duty’. Chess vs. Checkers.’

Another said, ‘Debbie Lesko got booed on stage at the Arizona Virtual Academy graduation ceremony. Maybe that’s why she wants to shoot her grandson?’

Another user wrote, ‘Thank you so much Debbie Lesko for not being my grandmother tonight.’

Besides, some gun rights activists have called politicians for her for her remarks.

Demand Action founder Shannon Watts said ‘Arizona Rep. Debbie Lesko will do anything to protect her five grandchildren, including shootings.’

Debbie Lesko’s reaction to the backlash

Debbie Lesko didn’t seem to be agitated by what she said earlier this week. After receiving her share on social media, the 63-year-old Republican congressman wrote a mocking message on Twitter, attacking critics.

‘The road gun control fanatics are going to continue to amaze me,’ she said. They turned my speech on the Second Amendment right and the right to protect my grandchildren from violent criminals into claims that I would harm my grandchildren. Absolutely ridiculous!’

In 2018, Lesko won a special election for Arizona by a narrow margin. Her leadership has been the subject of debate during the COVID-19 pandemic after admitting that she was an anti-vaccine opponent.



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