Digital Connectivity: Can CMOs solve technology challenges and set a consistent path to success?

Today, CMOs are investing in a number of rapidly evolving marketing technology platforms. The promise of our suppliers is that this will change the way we work, increase efficiencies, and lead to incremental changes in performance and results.

The digitally connected report points to a more complex reality. Modern interviewed 300 CMOs in B2B organizations in the UK and US and found that many were concerned about chronic technology underuse, integration challenges, and persistent digital skills and strategic competency gaps.

Use the Digital Connectivity Report as your essential guide to understand issues, create a roadmap for integration, and regain control with a plan based on nurturing a new learning culture that you can confidently lead into the future.

Based on the results of Modern’s 2021 survey, the report summarizes:

  • Why Most Marketing Techniques Are Underutilized

  • People, integration and technology issues

  • How CMOs deal with challenges

  • Why CMOs should now prioritize strategy and planning over rampant technology investments

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