Disney Plus’ Baymax controversy clarifies as fans defend Disney series

Conservative idiots are losing their brains over a scene from “Baymax” that involves shopping for trans-male characters on tampon trails. The rest of the internet is celebrating.

In light of Disney+’s most adorable fluffy robots in Big Hero 6, another series, Baymax, incorporates several LGBTQ+ characters, a rare and revived task to improve the inclusiveness of kids’ TVs. For example, in one scene, an individual with all the characteristics of a transmale character is seen shopping on a tampon trail.

Typically, malicious trolls are simmering in response via social media. Even if it were possible, a larger part of the observer would be happy to see a portrayal that was truly needed in the company.

Baymax arguement

On Wednesday, June 29, Christopher Lupo, a conservative activist, author and Manhattan Institute individual, tweeted a clip from the Baymax Show from Disney Plus. As Rufo points out, the leaked footage was obtained before the show kicked off on Wednesday.

The tweet noted that the clip was “announcing the transgender flag and the possibility that men can menstruate children under the age of two.” He further confirmed that:

In the 27-second clip, a medical robot stands in the feminine hygiene aisle of a shopping center. Baymax also continued to ask its female customers for help with purchasing sanitary napkins and tampons.

Baymax controversy

In the third episode of the series called “Sofia,” the pre-teen characters head to the unisex bathroom at the central school. She starts her first menstruation ahead of her talent show, but Baymax, the thoughtful robot who specializes in taking care of her health, is ready to help. He heads to the grocery store to buy pads, tampons, and more for the child.

As can be seen, Baymax appears to be asking customers for tampons and feminine products in their stores. All clients suggest replacement items for Baymax to leave a lot of stuff up for. A client provided a bundle with a shirt displaying the trance flag.

Transgender Flag’s claim to Baymax series

Twitter’s response has been terrific. Many found the interaction attractive and considered the robot “love”. Others ridiculed Disney’s “wake up” philosophy and pondered the point of growing up in a children-focused show.

In Disney’s business, well-dated presentations on puberty, menstruation and queer identities have been a lightning bolt in culture wars and regressive moral panics. Last year alone, ‘Turning Red’ and ‘Light Year’, which feature separate menstruating characters and gay couples, sparked outrage from conservative parents who were reluctant to portray themselves and the need for schooling in youth-focused entertainment.


Baymax! It shows the importance of understanding the period in a quick moment. In an episode about menstruation, Sophia is at a loss as to what to do. In her predicament, she sheds tears of her anguish, torn by her own discomfort. “I’m not ready! Her dispenser is empty,” she shouted. No tam pad. Pad phone. Winged maxi pad phone?

Anyway, when other adolescent observers now experience their first menstruation, they probably don’t need to put too much pressure on their menstrual management. Baymax and Disney spread meaningful artwork. What’s more, if you’re far superior and assume someone in the crowd is trans, they’ll realize they’re not alone in the world.

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