Diss the dream about Guy Zach Kornfeld’s anti-Semitic remarks.

Try Guy Zach Kornfeld recently had a heated discussion with Minecraft streamer Dream on Twitter.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What happened between Zach Kornfeld and Dream?

Guy’s Zach Kornfeld denounced Dream after claiming he ‘supported’ Kanye West’s anti-Semitism.

He wrote, ‘Looking back, it is true that the Internet exposed his face to bullying, and in reality he did not go far enough’.

Kornfeld mentioned several cartoon characters and comparisons to Shane Dawson about Dream’s recent face reveal.

What’s more, when West asked on Twitter, “Who created the Cancellation Culture?” he replied. Dream seems to have answered ‘Liberal Party’. He also added a skull and thumbs down emoji to his messages.

Kornfeld seems to have thought that the Minecraft legend was fueling the recent anti-Semitic behavior of the Donda hitmaker. So he attacked him on social media platforms.

However, Dream said that he was laughing at West and called him an ‘idiot’, causing laughter.

Kornfeld also withdrew his statement and apologized to Dream in a message.

He said, ‘I thought I was on the side of anti-Semitism and was making fun of it. If he’s sarcastic, he’s happy to hear that and take it back.’

In a follow-up message, he said, ‘Thank you. Sorry to start off,’ he said.

Also, the feud between Kornfeld and Dream was put down as soon as it started.

Social media users react to Zach Kornfeld dissing Dream.

Several social media outlets supported Zach Kornfeld after he said he would not apologize for supporting what he thought was right after defending the Jews.

One user said, ‘Anyway, I think Zach Kornfeld was right and I don’t want to hear it because Dream promoted bullying before!’

A second fan said, ‘Anyway, what Zach Kornfeld said about the dream was right.’

The third said, ‘I already admire and like Zach Kornfeld, but knowing that he hates dreams takes him higher. female.’

Zach Kornfeld and Dreams

Nevertheless, some argued that both Dream and Kornfeld were slightly wrong.

One fan said, ‘Please learn to think a little bit before posting the next one!’

Meanwhile, most fans expressed relief to see their favorite online figures fighting online.

One fan said, ‘I almost had a heart attack because two people I like were arguing over to say thank you.’

Someone else tweeted, ‘This finished faster than all the subtitled dramas I’ve ever seen.’



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