Diss Track Black Slim Shady in the game: Eminem responded?

As the game’s new track Black Slim Shady digs into Eminem, fans are wondering if Eminem has responded. Popular rapper The Game has been talking about his track Black Slim Shady ever since the track came out. Because the track is gaining popularity on the internet. What do fans of both rappers think of Eminem’s reaction?

Read ahead to learn more about how the game’s Black Slim Shady got a response from Eminem.

Game and Eminem’s Tiff

Social media makes it easy to detect whether or not you have a good relationship with another person. Just like the game and Eminem did. The duo rappers don’t seem to get along well with each other. Back in March, The Game called itself a better rapper than Eminem.

The Game that invited Eminem to the Battle of Verzuz proved that Eminem didn’t have a good relationship with the former. In fact, he recently came up with the song ‘Black Slim Shady’ from his new album. Rapper Eminem is undoubtedly going viral on the internet because we have to dig it up once again.

The game’s new track “Black Slim Shady” digs back into Eminem.

It seems like the equation between the game and Eminem is not good. It’s rare to see Eminem digging into the game in public. But on the game side, it’s always clear. Recently, the track “Black Slim Shady” from one of his new albums, Drillmatic: Heart Vs The Mind, is going viral.

The reason this track is so popular is because it once again reflects the rapper and Eminem’s Tiffany. As the lyrics of his 10-minute track mention, Eminem, his daughter Hailie and his ex-wife Kim are in the song.

Did Eminem respond to Black Slim Shady?

Despite the gap between Game and Eminem, it’s mostly obvious on the electronic side. Eminem did not publicly take revenge in The Game. He posted a new track for The Game as Black Slim Shady, but Eminem has yet to respond to it.

Rapper Slim Shady is posting on social media about his latest work, Curtain Call 2. However, fans are more interested in whether Eminem will react to the Black Slim Shady.

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