Dixie D’Amelio appeared on the red carpet with a haircut. BAZAAR ICON

Dixie D’Amelio made a statement on the red carpet with an unconventional hair change. ‘Someone to Blame’ vocalist makes her first appearance at the 2022 BAZAAR Icons party. The party is back this year after a two-year hiatus as a team in collaboration with Bloomingdale’s to celebrate its 150th anniversary. For an elegant occasion, Dixie D’Amelio appeared in another cut at the luxury retailer’s flagship location. She cut her ebony brown locks for a chic buzzcut.

She matched the new work with a gorgeous champagne-shaded outfit, including a halter top necklace, abdominal triangle cutouts, streaming trains, and shiny cobweb overlays. Dixie D’Amelio talked about her rebellious march in regards to her hair style in a recent interview for the June/July 2022 issue of Harper’s BAZAAR. When asked what was her most rebellious thing she had ever done, she said, ‘Perhaps I dyed my hair blonde. My mother said it was a really scary idea because I had very little hair, and my hair is getting tangled, resulting in me having to manage it until now. I was going to go silver, but it quickly turned orange and it was all fading away. I had to do it all in one day and that was my problem.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Harper’s BAZAAR

Dixie D’Amelio just shaved her head and appeared on the BAZAAR icon red carpet.

If you don’t know Dixie D’Amelio at this point, what will happen to you?! She turned into a Gen Z icon with her sister Charli, who was infamous for TikTok and her family has been spotlighted. Both brothers are among the most followed accounts on TikTok. Dixie D’Amelio currently ranks 8th with 57 million followers, while Charli, known for her vigorous viral movements, leads the way with around 141 million followers. Dixie D’Amelio entered her music scene with her first single ‘Be Happy’ in June 2020. Since then, she has released a variety of modest songs and has teamed up with a variety of artists to collaborate with Liam Payne. Wiz Khalifa.

Dixie D’Amelio shows off her new look while attending Harper’s bazaar Global Icons Party in New York on Friday night, September 9th. The 21-year-old vocalist shaved her hair all the way before her event, and surprisingly documented the process in her YouTube video. I’ve been doing this since 6th grade. She says at one point in the video. Dixie’s mother, Heidi, said she didn’t seem to mind major changes because she did that when she was young. so refreshing [for her]. She said she was very free. Do you know what I got a lot? A lot of people say to me, ‘Oh my God, can you tell me you’re going through something? Dixie D’Amelio admits she’s only recently been sad, but I’d rather remain silent because no one thinks I’m having a delirium. She told everyone I was like, ‘Oh, that would be drugs. And if someone doesn’t like it, who cares at that point? It grows back.

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