Dixie D’Amelio reveals why she doesn’t want “TikTok drama” on her new album

TikTok star Dixie Damelio. She explained why she didn’t write for her new album. Regarding the specific split, she insisted that she didn’t want it to be about “TikTok drama.”

20-year-old Dixie D’Amelio is one of the hottest TikTok stars with over 57 million followers. She uses her app to broadcast videos of herself, her friends, and her family. Since the development of TikTok, the celebrity has created numerous viral songs. Includes “One Whole Day” and “Be Happy”. She has over 110 million views on YouTube. She also released ‘Wild’, a song from her most recent debut album. ‘Letter to Me’ to be released on June 10th.

Dixie D’Amelio says her album is situational.

Fans can imagine Dixie D’Amelio will write about real-life marriage conflicts in songs from this album, but she revealed why this isn’t true in an interview with Nylon. “There is no single theme throughout, other than simply being who she is and going through different things,” she said. She said, “There is a song about parting, but it’s not specifically about parting.” It depends on the situation. None of this is for influence or interest. I am trying to grow as an artist.” If I said, ‘Oh, this is about my ex that you all know,’ you’d get in the way of what I’m trying to do. “It will just be a TikTok drama,” she says.

Fans of Dixie D’Amelio are looking forward to her next album.

Since October 2020, Dixie D’Amelio has been dating fellow TikToker Noah Beck. “I believe [this album], I think whatever happens to it has to happen.” Dixie D’Amelio said when asked about her expectations for receiving the record. I’ve talked to a lot of people, and everyone I’ve played with this game has given me quite a few compliments. I am so glad that a small criticism no longer affects me.” With the album only a few weeks away from its June 10 release, fans are eagerly waiting to hear the star’s new song.

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