DJ Khaled AirBnB Pirce How To Book, Availability And Other Details

DJ Khaled has a special treat for all his fans, with luxurious AirBnB stays and the chance to see some of his best sneaker designs. For all those looking for a luxurious stay via Airbnb, he would be hard pressed to miss the opportunity. Meanwhile, a dedicated sneaker wardrobe will also be a bonus for everyone. So, learn how to book your DJ Khaled AirBnB stay and more.

Read ahead to learn more about DJ Khaled AirBnB stays and any updates.

What will DJ Khaled AirBnB dwell on?

Getting the chance to stay at Khaled’s luxurious venue would be a treat for any fan of DJ Khaled. Where they will all be staying at the residence of Miami-based DJ Khaled. With Airbnb Special Stays, you can spend 2 days and 1 night in a luxurious residence.

Enjoy accommodations, outdoor lounges, swimming pools and other facilities. One of the special things about your stay is taking a peek into DJ Khaled’s sneaker closet. Although you can’t see all of his sneaker collection. But obviously you can see some of DJ Khaled’s best designs.

DJ Khaled AirBnB Accommodation Dates Announced

DJ Khaled’s exclusive AirBnB stay was shared on social media via video. We also got a glimpse of his sneaker collection. Meanwhile, for all those who want to know when AirBnB stays will take place. This will take effect on December 5 and 6, 2022.

Additionally, guests staying in our Miami residence will receive a welcome message handwritten specifically by Khaled. Also, guests deserve a pair of We The Best Jordan 5s.

Guests can have a private shopping session in the sneaker shop. Dinner is also available at The Licking, the record producer’s restaurant.

How much does DJ Khaled AirBnB cost and where to buy tickets?

DJ Khaled is offering two exclusive one-night stays at his Miami residence on December 5th and 6th. It will be 11 dollars. So from 29 November 2022 you can buy the same ticket. The time is 1:00 PM EST.

While you can get your tickets from AirBnB’s official website. So don’t miss this great opportunity.

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