Does Brad Pitt Date Emily Ratajkowski? As they were caught together in Paris

Brad Pitt has recently made headlines. Aside from being applauded for his movie Bullet Train, the current celebrity is getting everyone’s attention for his affair with his model Emily Ratajkowski. 31-year-old model Emily Ratajkowski and celebrity dating rumors have become a hot topic of debate after a bystander saw them dine together in Paris. Rumors began to circulate again after the two were spotted holding hands in New York. In mid-August, Deux Moi revealed that Brad Pitt was spending time and energy with Emily Ratajkowski after her recent breakup with spouse Sebastian Bear-McClard, according to numerous unknown sources. -2021.

Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski, as a single model, recently ate ‘time’ together in a private room at a highly opulent Parisian restaurant, later at New York City’s Pearl Oyster Bar. It is known that they were seen together. Meanwhile, TMZ wrote on August 16 that his ex-husband, Angelina Jolie, was trying to tarnish her reputation by leaking documents related to her quarrel on the plane that sparked the breakup during the flight, as revealed by Brad Pitt’s entourage. The ongoing fight over custody of minor children.

Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski dating?

According to Deuxmoi’s report, a social media account known for exposing gossip about the celebrity’s love life posted a story that claimed to have recently witnessed the ‘Devil’s own’ star dine with model Emily. Having separated from her significant other Sebastian Bear-McClard, Ratajkowski has been in the media for half a month at this point. The story led to a definitive post stating that the two met for dinner at an impressive Parisian cafe in their private room and were hanging out. In fact, a few days later followed the August 15, 2022 Instagram story update. The account said without hesitation, ‘I’m almost certain Emily Ratajkowski is dating Brad Pitt.

Later, when a user asked for information about the dating rumors, they shared a photo of the two holding hands in Pearl with the caption, ‘Guys, it looks like the real Brad Pitt and Emily Ratajkowski are dating.’ Oyster Bar in West Village, New York. Nevertheless, no photos or official sources have emerged regarding the matter, and neither Brad Pitt nor Emily Ratajkowski have issued an official statement on the rumor.

Emily Ratajkowski, who has been associated with filmmaker Sebastian Bear-McClard since circa 2018, has ignited rumors that she is no longer with McClard after being publicly spotted without a wedding band. A source told Entertainment Tonight that the couple, who share their child Sylvester Apollo, are going through a divorce, while another source told Page Six that the couple are separating because Maclad is a “serial con artist.” Emily Ratajkowski checked the news after seeing her very observant fans enjoyed a series of tweets where her model talked about her marriage.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt is making headlines recently after sealed FBI records were released. He broke up with Angelina Jolie on a long-term basis by disclosing surprising insights into what happened while on a plane in September 2016. According to an FBI report, Angelina Jolie told her investigators that there was tension between her and Pitt that day, and that his actions made her feel “like a prisoner” on the plane.

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