Does Jack Harlow Sign Young Thug’s YSL? reporter’s question

Young Thug, real name is Jeffrey Lamar Willaims. He was detained on gang-related charges. He is charged with being detained along with 27 other people. Includes fellow rapper Gunna, who works for his record label, YSL. But what the reporter asked District Attorney Fanny Willis about Jack Hollow. Fans on the left are bewildered and many ask if they are 24. He also signed with Young Thug’s YSL Records.

A reporter’s question to the prosecution

A reporter’s question on Twitter caused a lot of misunderstanding. A reporter asked DA Willis in the viral footage, “The charges include Young Thug and other rappers.” But there was one name I expected to see but did not see. That’s Jack Harlow. “Can you comment on that?” “What I want to say is, I told the staff how big this prosecution is. Don’t be flashy, don’t overdo it, take it prudently. That’s the approach I always take,” said the DA. .

Young Thug denied all charges.

“Williams’ attorney Brian Steel told reporters: Williams has committed no crime and we will fight to the last drop of blood to acquit him.” Young Thug appeared in court for the first time on Tuesday, May 10 at 11:30 am local time.

Let me make it clear. Jack Harlow is not affiliated with Young Thug’s YSL. He never signed a contract with a label. Young Thug created YSL Records, short for Young Stoner Life Records, in 2016. It features several famous rappers including Gunna, Lil Duke, Dolly White, Lil Keed and Yung Kayo. In 2018, Jack Harlow signed with the Atlantic Records family through DJ Drama and Don Cannon’s Generation Now brand.

Twitter Joke Explained

The reporter’s question was based on a joke circulated on Twitter. Some users, especially artist Jean Deaux, are joking that Jack Harlow is a member of YSL. “Free YSL!” She tweeted a few hours ago. “Jack Hollow, arrest him!” In an instant, many wondered if Jack Harlow had signed Young Thug’s label. But, as we have already mentioned, he is not! One skeptic wrote, “It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen today to have someone believe in Jack Harlow, a member of the YSL.”


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