Doja Cat faces backlash after calling on Stranger Things Noah Schnapp for DM sharing

Celebrity music star Doja Cat caught on netizens’ radar after posting an incident where Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp shared his DM with Doja Cat. A DM from celebrity singer Doja Cat to one of the characters in Stranger Things, played by Noah Schnapp, is just going viral. But now, after Noah released the DM, it seems that he is being criticized for knocking on the door.

Read ahead to learn more about how Doja Cat is facing a backlash from netizens over a DM sent to Noah Schnapp.

Doja Cat sent a DM with Noah Schnapp.

The bizarre story and its characters are always something everyone loves. Even celebrities can’t resist liking the characters in Stranger Things. Well, recently we saw Doja Cat’s obsession with one of the series’ characters.

This is Eddie Munson from Stranger Things. This character is a new character in the series. However, this character was loved by viewers a lot. The role of Eddie was performed by Joseph Quinn. Doja is also only interested in Quinn. Another character in Stranger Things and her recent DM revealed it all.

porcelain cat

Noah Schnapp revealed a DM with Doja Cat.

Doja Cat really likes Joseph Quinn. So she tried to DM Noah Schnapp to get a chance to get in touch with Quinn. But later after Doja and Noah’s DM. DM was publicly by Noah. But it certainly didn’t go well with Doja.

However, DM showed Doja asking Noah to help him connect with Joseph Quinn. So Noah gave Doja the proposal directly to DM Joseph. Because Doja couldn’t find Joseph’s social media account. Noah shared Joseph’s social media profile in a DM.

Doja Cat criticized Noah for revealing DMs.

While Noah reveals him and Doja’s DM. Doja certainly didn’t like it. She even responded via video: “Snake dung and weasel dung.” She didn’t want her own DM to be released. But now, netizens are also opposed to it.

Doja criticized Noah for making his DMs public. In response, netizens supported Noah. As some users have said, Doja should stop chasing teens. Some of them called Doja’s act “wack.” Don’t miss it. Noah had no reaction to it.

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