Doja Cat shaves her head and eyebrows on Instagram Live.

Doja Cat made headlines on Instagram Live after shaving her eyebrows.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Doja Cat has a new look.

Doja Cat surprised fans with a new bald look on her Instagram live on Thursday, August 4th.

But before fans dealt with the singer’s new daring avatar, she also shaved her eyebrows.

The 26-year-old artist has revealed that he ‘never likes’ hair and is getting rid of it.

She also said on live, ‘I feel like I shouldn’t grow my hair anyway. And, I don’t like growing my hair. I never liked growing my hair.’

Singer Seiso said, ‘I’ve never once said, ‘Oh, that’s cool’ since I was born.”

The California native said, ‘I was going to exercise, but I was more concerned about my appearance, so I couldn’t concentrate. Or how my hair is doing, and how to keep it well attached to my scalp.’

‘I can’t believe it took me so long to get a damn haircut,’ she concluded.

Fans react to Doja Cat’s daring look

A few fans of Doja Cat were not impressed with Doja Cat shaving her hair and eyebrows. They believe she is going through her breakdown.

One fan wrote, ‘Wow, she used to be pretty’.

A second fan said it was a ‘public humiliation ceremony’.

On the other hand, another fan said, ‘She seems to be going through something. She is experiencing a mental breakdown in front of the world. She knows she talked about her retirement, but you can’t just leave when you’re on her contract. Maybe she’s swearing at her.’

Some say, ‘It seems to have collapsed. But what do I know? Be strong, sister.’

Another netizen commented that ‘officially, he resembles his American father, Roger.’

Another fan said, ‘Why doesn’t she wax? They all went in different directions. I hope she doesn’t get her razor blade.’

The next person tweeted, ‘Is she having Britney Spears moments, or is she like this on a regular basis?’

One fan also commented, ‘Every time a woman born as a woman, such as Brittany, Demi, Doja, or Jada Pinkett Smith, shaves her head, she is treated extremely negatively. Society must analyze the obsession with hair and why it has to do with the loss of both value and reason when departing from its properties.’


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