Domenic Romano calls Johnny Depp’s victory a ‘Pyrrhic Victory’. Who is Domenic Romano? What does ‘Pyrrhic Victory’ mean?

New York-based attorney Domenic Romano spoke out in a sensational libel case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

Lawyers argued that Depp’s victory was a ‘Pyrrhic Victory’. But what does that mean?

Here’s everything you need to know.

What is a ‘Pyrrh victory’?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a pyrrhic win means ‘a win not worth winning because the winner has lost too much to win’.

The term is believed to have originated from an ancient Epirus king named Pyrrhus. After defeating the Romans at Asculum in Apulia in 279 BC, it suffered massive damage.

Domenic Romano Claims Johnny Depp’s Victory Is ‘Pyrrhic Victory’

Domenic Romano recently spoke of a jury decision that significantly favored Johnny Depp over Amber Heard in a high-profile libel trial with Hana Ostapchuk on Cheddar News.

Romano said, ‘Even if you win, you lose. This may be a legal victory, but it is not really a reputational victory, and certainly not a moral victory for Johnny Depp or society in general.’

Domenic Romano is a premier business and entertainment attorney based in New York City.

Lawyers argued that Depp should not have filed a libel suit against Heard because he had retrieved dirty laundry from 2020.

As you may not know, the 58-year-old actor lost a defamation lawsuit against British media The Sun in 2029.

Romano went on to say that numerous private messages and content that had been shown to have a bad view of the actor in recent Virginia court proceedings were released.

One of the most shocking texts the actor is known to have sent a message from the Pirates of the Caribbean actor revealed that he had heard the hope that the decaying corpses were being decomposed in a fucking Honda Citizen’s truck.

Domenic Romano
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Another alleged text is how he ‘*** [Heard] A body later burned to confirm that she was dead.’

Romano went further, ‘I thought all this was a terrible idea for him. I mean, what do you look like?’

But the lawyer said Depp’s legal team acted more credibly than Heard and persuaded the jury.

He also dismissed concerns that some people’s concerns about the Depp vs Heard case would somehow affect the ‘MeToo’ movement.

‘I don’t think this will put the #MeToo movement back on the bigger plan,’ Romano said. People will find that suing personal relationships is not a good idea. Victims will continue to be rightfully emboldened and come forward.’



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