Donald Trump’s new slogan “MAGAGA” is taking over the internet.

Former US President Donald Trump unveiled a new slogan in his 2024 presidential speech. However, netizens could not help ridiculing the bizarre slogan.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What does “MAGAGA” mean?

Donald Trump recently announced his third presidential run. He spoke of this at a press conference at his own Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

He said ‘to make America great and glorious again’. I am announcing my candidacy for the presidency of the United States tonight.’

If you didn’t know, this phrase is a play on his infamous “MAGA” slogan. He used it during his 2016 campaign. The acronym stands for ‘Make America Great Again’.

Meanwhile, the upgraded phrase ‘MAGAGA’ means ‘Make America Great And Glorious Again’.

Beyond that, social media users started creating amusing memes comparing Trump’s new slogan to the babble of infants and babies.

For reference, Trump filed paperwork to run for president on Wednesday.

But his unusual run for the 2024 presidential race is being interpreted as an attempt to jump into the Republican Party. Others, on the other hand, have hinted that the move is a plan to avoid possible criminal charges.

Netizens mock Donald Trump’s new slogan, “MAGAGA.”

After the unveiling of Donald Trump’s new slogan “MAGAGA”, social media platforms started to be bombarded with hilarious jokes and memes.

American comedian and commentator John Fugelsang also shared his thoughts on the upgraded phrase via his Twitter account.

He said ‘#MAGAGA’ and activated his gag reflex.’

Game developer Rasmus Rasmussen said, ‘Huh. I thought MAGAGA was Lady Gaga’s mother.’

Moreover, another user commented, ‘We watched Trump with more tangible energy and excitement at more rallies than we currently do at Mar-a-Lago.’

In the meantime, several users have argued that Trump may have changed the initial slogan to force his supporters to buy new hats and clothing.

Someone else said, ‘So he says he’s running. The hat should say MAGAGA (Make America Great and Glorious Again). If it makes you sick, get used to it.’

Afterwards, another user commented: ‘Trump can’t be the only one who thinks he added ‘Glory’ to MAGA so that all worshipers should buy a new hat.’


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