"Don’t take P*** here!" – Roy Hodgson is responsible for one of the best post-match interviews of all time.

Earlier this month, the 74-year-old confirmed his plans. “I’m not going to put my name on the premier league football world anymore to scramble because it’s a very demanding world,” he said.

“And perhaps now you have taken a step back and have the right to enjoy some free time and spend time with your wife and son.”

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After spending time at Inter Milan, Liverpool, Fulham and West Brom, the experienced Hodgson can proudly recall his 46-year management career.

He’s accomplished a lot in that time, including playing for England in four years, and many will remember him for his cool, calm and calm personality in the dugout.

But on rare occasions, after West Brom’s 2-1 win over Bolton in 2011, Hodgson lost his cool completely when reporters questioned the decision he had made.

In the clip below, Hodgson says his West Brom team was “twisted” with an unacceptable penalty decision.

Then the reporter asks what decision he meant, and the interview gets worse.

The incident in question involves former Arsenal player Jerome Thomas, who fouled Fabrice Muamba from the penalty box before Ivan Klasnic fired from that spot for a tie.

Hodgson had this to say about his confrontation with reporters:

“That never happened, so let’s just talk about our achievements.”

The interview for today’s match resumed awkwardly as the apparently frustrated Hodgson reluctantly answered several questions before rushing in.

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