Double, double, toil and trouble! 75 Macbeth Quotes To Prepare For Denzel Dealing With The King Of Scotland

Fans on Christmas William Shakespeare and/or Denzel Washington The two-time Oscar-winning actor was given a special gift under the tree, as he took on one of the Bard’s most famous roles in the director’s office. Joel Coen‘s Macbeth’s Tragedy.

A new film version of the Shakespeare classic (available to stream on Apple TV as of Friday, January 14, 2022) was clearly Coen’s wife’s idea. oscar winner Francis McDormand urged to continue, pulling out somewhat of her inner Madame Macbeth until he agrees to lead the project. Ethan). Of course, McDormand will play the other side of Washington as Lady Macbeth.

The play grapples with the idea that unrestrained ambition can destroy people. And the universality of its message is why hundreds of years later it is still performed around the world. Macbeth one of Shakespeare’s most famous and continuous work. it is also It has been modernized and adapted into the following novel: sound and anger by William Faulkner and cinematic Kurosawa Akira‘s Blood Throne; it even made from opera by Giuseppe Verdi.

Shakespeare’s pun, rhyme two lines, weak misalignment give Macbeth Incomparable simplicity and elegance in English literature. Before you experience the outstanding performances of Washington and McDormand, check out the following: 75 of Shakespeare’s Most Quoted Quotes Macbeth.

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Macbeth quotes

One. “Pick my thumb and something evil like this comes.”

2. “Fix your intentions!”

three. “It is your duty to have more than everyone can pay.”

4. “I bought golden opinions from all kinds of people.”

5. “It’s the attempt, not the act, that confuses us.”

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6. “Out of the damn place!”

7. “Will all the seas of the great Neptune wash this blood from my hands?”

8. “But I am afraid of your nature. It is so full of the milk of human kindness.”

9. “A bad beginning hardens itself by evil.”

10. “The present fear is less than the terrible imagination.”

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11. “There is nothing but nothing.”

12. “The servant invites me. Don’t listen, Duncan; Because it is a bell that calls to heaven or hell.”

13. “A man’s smile has a dagger.”

14. “There is no art of finding the composition of the mind in the face.”

15. “What made them drunk made me bold, and to suppress them gave me fire.”

16. “’Don’t sleep anymore! Macbeth kills sleep’

17. “Looks like an innocent flower, but be ‘serpent below’.”

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(Getty Images)

18. “It was the owl that screamed, the deadly bellman giving Stern a good night.”

19. “Double, double, toil and toil, fire burns and cauldron foam”

20. “He died to throw away as a careless trifle the most precious thing he owed as a studied man.”

21. “Put a screw in where your container sticks.”

22. “All the fragrance of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand.”

23. “What has been done cannot be undone.”

24. “When our actions are not, our fears make us traitors.”

25. “Or did you eat the crazy roots that take the opposite sex captive?”

26. “What! Can the devil tell the truth?”

27. “What the fuck is that man!”

28. “Fair is a foul and a foul is fair.”

29. “If you could look into the seeds of time and tell which crops will grow and which will not.”

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(Getty Images)

30. “The hour is coming and the hour passes by the most difficult days.”

31. “Nameless act.”

32. “I would not have done it if he had not resembled my sleeping father.”

33. “I dare to be a human being. No one dares to do more.”

34. “Why can’t we pronounce ‘amen’? I need blessings the most, but ‘Amen’ hung around my neck.”

35. “The earth has foam like water, and it is from them. Where have they disappeared?”

36. “You will be king.”

37. “The patient must serve himself.”

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38. “Glamis kills sleep, and there Cordor will sleep no more, Macbeth will sleep no more!”

39. “Put your courage in a dead end, and we will not fail.”

40. “In order to know my deeds, ‘it is best not to know myself.

41. “Is Scotland standing there?”

42. “I am afraid to think of what I have done. never see you again dare.”

43. “This castle has comfortable seating. The air recommends itself agile and sweet to our tender senses.”

44. “I have been breastfed and I know how tender it is to love a baby who feeds me…[but] While it puts a smile on my face, if you had sworn this, I would have plucked my nipples from his boneless gums and smashed my brain.”

45. “It’s the ‘eyes of childhood that fear the devil who draws’.

46. “There are dirty whispers abroad. Unnatural behavior creates unnatural problems. Hearts infected with their deaf pillows will reveal their secrets. She needs something more divine than a doctor.”

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(Getty Images)

47. “You have high hopes for sanctification. I will not win wrong without lying.”

48. “The breath of heaven smells courting here. There are no bumps, friezes, buttresses, no superior appearances, but this bird has made hanging beds and fertile cradles. The air where it thrives and inhabits the most is delicate.”

49. “They tied me to a stake. I can’t fly, but I have to fight the course like a bear.”

50. “A liar and a swearer are fools; a liar and a swearer can beat the upright and hang him.”

51. “Souls who are willing to die, have sex with me here, and fill me with brutal cruelty from crown to toe. Thicken my blood.”

52. “Now how, you secret negro, and midnight menopausal!”

53. “There will be blood, they say. In blood there must be blood.”

54. “What, my pretty chickens and the dam collapsed all at once?”

55. “Tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow, creeping at this small speed every day, until the last syllable of recorded time. And all our yesterdays ushered fools to a dusty death. Go away, go out, a short candle! Life is “A walking shadow, a poor player who jumps and frets on stage, and then you can’t hear it anymore. It’s the tale of a fool full of meaningless noise and fury.”

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56. “I have a fascinating life.”

57. “Strange sisters.”

58. “You can’t say I did it. Never shake your bloody lock on me.”

59. “Tell me, where do you owe this strange intelligence? Or why do you block our way with such prophetic greetings in this desolate wasteland?”

60. “He doesn’t love us, he wants a natural touch.”

61. “The crow is hoarse. It creaks at Duncan’s deadly entrance under my walls.”

62. “Throw physics at the dogs. I won’t do anything.”

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(Getty Images)

63. “Macbeth will never be conquered until the hills of Dunsinane high in the Great Birnam forest come against him.”

64. “Or are you just a false creation, a dagger of the mind that comes out of a brain crushed by heat?”

65. “A false face must hide what a false heart knows.”

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66. “A little bit of water will make our deeds clean.”

67. “The counterfeit of death, shake off this soft sleep and look at death itself! Look at the images of Consolation, Consolation, and Vs. Doom!”

68. “Do not listen to my steps as they walk. Fear that your stone will steal my place.”

69. “It is too cold to go to hell. It will no longer carry demons. I thought I was accepting some of all the jobs that are on the primrose road to the eternal campfire.”

70. “You are all natural seasons, lack of sleep.”

71. “If I had lived an hour earlier than this opportunity, I would have lived a blessed time.”

72. “Now the chaos has made his masterpiece! The most profane murder has destroyed the Lord’s anointed temple and took the life of a building there!”

73. “Frugal ambition that gnaws at life!”

74. “Macduff was born in his mother’s womb and was torn in an untimely manner.”

75. “You have it now: The King, Cawdor, Glamis, all as the strange women promised. And I’m afraid, you’re going to play the most foul of what isn’t.”

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