Dr. Martin x Betty Boop Collection price, release date, where to buy?

The famous designer Dr. Martens is a collaboration with cartoon character Betty Boop. There were several brands that collaborated with cartoon characters. Dr. Mattend couldn’t find anything better than the Betty Boop character. If so, this Dr. What can you expect from the Martens x Betty Boop character?

Dr. Read ahead to learn more about the Martens x Betty Boop collaboration and other details.

Dr. Martin x Betty Boop release date

Everyone so far Dr. I came across Martens and its iconic collection. But this time around, Betty Boop’s collaboration makes the collection special. Well, that’s what makes everything interesting about what this new collaboration has for everyone. So, if you want to try out this collection, you need to know about it first.

This Dr. You can try 4 different collections in the Martens x Betty Boop collaboration. Three of them will be shoes. One of them will be a bag wallet. So read here to learn more. Offers pricing and other updates.

Dr. Martin x Betty Boop Collection

The cartoon character Betty Boop has become a hit in its own right. Keep that identity in mind. This time, the Dr. Martin Collection includes the theme of Betty Boop in the collection. So, to start with the first one, you get Jadon Boot. The other two are 1461 quad shoes and Clarissa II quad sandals. Finally, there are bag wallets.

The Jadon Boot has a black leather upper. The 8 kids boot actually has a glossy print with a little red heart on it. Also, the 1461 quad shoe resembles a boot with a round toe and yellow stitching. The Clarissa II Quad Sandals are white vegan leather sandals. It has a metal heart and heels.

Also, the last item to complete this collection is a square satchel wallet in black with a small heart and Betty Boop decal engraved. The shoes in the collection not to be missed have double laces with velvet options and a standard black cord.

Where to buy the Dr. Martin x Betty Boop collection and what is the price?

The Dr. Martens x Betty Boop collection can be purchased from the Dr. Martens official e-commerce site. Now, in case you don’t have a clue about collection items, we’ll give you all the info here.

Eight eye Jaden boots cost around $230 or £189. The 1461 quad shoes are available for £159 or $195. Clarissa II quad sandals cost around £139 or $170. Finally, the bag wallet is available for £75 or $92.

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