‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes’ to be released this summer

In the meantime, animated movies dragon ball super: superhero It is scheduled to be released on June 11 in Japan, and is expected to be released in the United States this summer.

In particular, Crunchyroll will bring the movie Westward, so fans won’t have to wait too long for the movie to be available outside of Japan. The specific US release date for the film is likely to be August.

The film will see a return. red ribbon army and have piccolo And Gohan A battle in the name of a new android Gamma 1 And Gamma 2He calls himself a ‘superhero’.

The important news for all of this is Toriyama Akira I am heavily involved in film making, story writing, screenplay writing, and character design writing.

Following the tremendous success of Dragon Ball Super: BrolyToriyama got involved again. dragon ball super: superhero It’s definitely a good thing and I’m looking forward to something very special from this movie.

dragon ball super: superhero It will be released in theaters in Japan on June 11th, and a western will be released this summer.

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