Drake Apollo Theater Concerts: How to get tickets and enter?

Drake of Apollo: Drake will soon be gearing up for his intimate New York City Show this year. Well, the rapper’s announcement came through his social media accounts and all his fans were excited about it. So if you want to see Drake perform live. Here’s what you need to know about his upcoming show in NYC.

Read ahead to learn more about Drake preparing for his intimate New York City Show.

Drake presented an intimate New York City show.

This year, as the pandemic is over, music lovers can enjoy music festivals, tours and concerts. Well, Drake is also going to be doing a show in NYC soon. He announced on his Instagram on October 4th.

Rapper Drake’s concert this time is a special concert held in New York. In addition, this concert will be held at the Apollo Theater in New York. The concert hall is a symbolic performance hall with about 1500 seats. Sirius XM.

What’s special about Drake’s New York concert?

Drake’s upcoming concert in Harlem, New York is set to take place next month, as the date has been announced for November 11th. The venue that the United States has decided for the Drake concert is one of the most popular in the United States.

However, according to some reports, this is one of Drake’s smallest venues as a famous rapper. More details about the concert can be found in Drake’s Instagram post. Don’t miss it. There are also updates on tickets.

Drake in NYC Concert Ticket Information

The news of Drake’s concert this time contained the message “Drake Live from Apollo 11th November”. In the caption of the post was the message “Link the sound 42 link to the bio to get a ticket”.

Ticket information can be found on the performance website. You can listen to Sound 42 (Ch.42) available in the SXM app. The adjustment time is from now until October 26, 2022 at 11:00 PM EST. A message will then pop up and tell you how to enter to get a ticket.

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