Drake loses his fortune in BTC after his Formula One bet moves south.

Canadian rapper Drake lost more than $230,000 in BTC to Charles Leclerc to win the Spanish Grand Prix.

Last Sunday’s Formula One Spanish Grand Prix had a bad outcome for LeClaire and Ferrari fans. The Monegask driver had to withdraw due to engine failure despite the first start.

Leclerc’s biggest rival, Red Bull’s Dutchman Max Verstaffen, took the Grand Prix and maintained the lead in the competition.

Drake wins some and loses some.

We can only assume that Drake must have had a good cry after losing that much money. He showed himself before the competition. Instagram It is said that he bet $230,000 on Leclerc’s victory. Bets were placed through the sports betting platform Stake, which is known to accept cryptocurrency. while Drake talks about himself pile Betting seems like an advertising collaboration, but it’s not less ups and downs.

If Leclerc had taken first place, the music star would have risen by $353,000 in Bitcoin (the currency used in the transaction). However, the rapper lost all his bets.

It’s a staggering sum by general standards, but it turns out that the amount lost wasn’t Drake’s bid deal. The artist had a net worth of $200 million as of last year. Also, he has already done very well on some of his previous bets in BTC.

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Drake and his betting history

Drake caught the attention of the crypto world by placing three bets in the last Super Bowl. This Super Bowl was a total of 28 Bitcoin units, valued at $1.3 million at the time.

Two bets were successful. The Los Angeles Rams were the winners of the NFL Finals and one of the key players, Odell Beckham Jr., recorded a touchdown in the game. This feat is the feat that made the rapper earn more than $2 million.

He then bet over $200,000 in cryptocurrency again on Jorge Masvidal’s UFC victory. However, Masvidal lost to Colby Covington in the event. Despite a recent loss in Formula One, the musician is still far ahead of his betting hobbies.

F1 and the crypto world

This was Drake’s first bet on the Formula One Grand Prix and will not be the last. The singer has a strong friendship with Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time world champion in the tournament. Drake could bet his friend at the Grand Prix this season.

Formula One Shanghai, China

Formula One itself has become an increasingly cryptocurrency-friendly tournament. Several teams are sponsored by cryptocurrency exchanges and projects. OKXFor example, Red Bull is an official McLaren sponsor. The Tezos logo, which has already launched NFT in cooperation with the network, is engraved on the uniform. Finally, Formula One itself Crypto.com One of the main sponsors.

Crypto, and overall vroom vroom for Drake.

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