Drake’s arrest charges in Sweden take the internet by storm.

Rumors of Drake being detained in Sweden spread like wildfire on social media. However, after recent reports, these speculations have turned out to be untrue.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Were Drake and his security arrested in Sweden?

On Wednesday, July 13, controversy broke out that he and his security were arrested by Swedish authorities at a nightclub.

According to the rumors, the Grammy-winning artist was charged with marijuana possession.

Shortly after the speculation, several popular accounts on Twitter and Instagram confirmed that he had not been arrested in Sweden.

The Hollywood Reporter also revealed that Drake’s team mentioned that the rapper was staying at a hotel in the Swedish capital.

The Daily Beast’s senior reporter tweeted: ‘I just spoke with Swedish police about rumors that Drake was arrested in Stockholm. The police will not confirm that the rapper had an incident, but make sure he is not in custody.’

Fans React to Drake’s Arrest Allegations

Internet users have shared their feelings on social media platforms about Drake’s alleged arrest in Sweden.

Nevertheless, Hashtag ‘#FreeDrake’ quickly took over the aforementioned sites, heating up the internet.

As one user wrote, ‘I never dreamed that the free Drake would be fashionable.’

Along with her, he added: “How to tell Biden to release the Drake brothers who are not Americans.”

Another said, ‘Drake was waiting to be arrested, waiting to rap.

Another user joked: ‘The day he’s actually arrested will be the end of the world and the funniest day on Twitter.’

In addition, someone said, ‘Drake, who was arrested in Sweden, is wearing an A$AP Rocky cosplay, and I wish I could put that baby in Rihanna’.

Another said, ‘I got it. Drake is not arrested. He’s quickly Drake, not Rocky.’

However, some users mercilessly ridiculed the allegations of the Toronto music icon’s arrest.

One user added, ‘To be honest, Drake’s arrest is nothing more than Nevermind’s karma.’

Meanwhile, the 35-year-old hip-hop singer released her 7th studio album ‘Honestly Nevermind’ in June of this year.

Additionally, A$AP Rocky, real name Rakim Mayers, was arrested in Sweden in July 2019. He quarreled before performing at the Stockholm Music Festival. In addition, the rapper was detained for nearly a month.



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