Dreaming of a Wear OS Fitbit? There is a product called Pixel Watch.

A premium Fitbit running Wear OS hasn’t been announced, despite promises that Google IO 2022 will come and go and work from last year. Instead, we have a Pixel Watch with Fitbit integrated.

All Fitbit-branded devices currently run Fitbit OS, Fitbit’s own operating system. However, after the fitness tracker maker was acquired by Google in 2021, Fitbit CEO James Park revealed at Google IO last year that the two companies are working together on a “premium” Fitbit smartwatch running Wear OS.

Fitbit-branded devices have not been released. Instead, the long-anticipated Pixel Watch debuted with “deep Fitbit integration.” Details are scarce at this time, but the Pixel Watch will at least cover sleep tracking, active zone time and heart rate. Fitbit will likely replace the Google Fit app, but we don’t know if Pixel Watch buyers will need to sign up for Fitbit Premium to get the most out of their new watch.

We also don’t know if the Pixel Watch will include some of the more advanced Fitbit features, such as irregular heartbeat detection and ECG scanning.

in an interview with cnetFitbit Founder James Park said, “The Pixel Watch will be part of a family of devices from Google and Fitbit that fit in different price ranges. So you can have ultra-premium devices under the Pixel brand. Then we will continue to have Fitbit devices at different prices too. keep it.”

The next two Fitbit-branded smartwatches will be the Fitbit Versa 4 and the Fitbit Sense 2. The code for devices leaked back in March suggests that two new additions will still run on the Fitbit OS, so it’s likely that all of Fitbit’s plans for a “true” smartwatch will be integrated into the Pixel.

Analytics: Say goodbye to WearOS Fitbit

The long-awaited Pixel Watch is said to be in development long before the Fitbit acquisition fading into Alphabet’s eyes. Fitbit’s suite of advanced health and fitness tools outpaces Google Fit, so it makes sense to do the exact opposite and opt for Fitbit technology to incorporate into Pixel Watch rather than retrofit Wear OS to Fitbit’s planned watches after the acquisition is complete. .

This announcement means we can say goodbye to true Wear OS Fitbit smartwatches. After all, what’s the point anymore? If the much touted Fitbit integration goes as deep as was suggested in last night’s presentation, there’s essentially no need for redundant devices from slightly different brands. The Venn diagram will actually look like a circle.

As for the new Fitbit release, the most likely outcome is that we could see the Versa 4 and Sense 2 running on Fitbit OS as planned arrive a little later this year (within a few weeks according to a recent leak). Then Fitbit could scale down its smartwatch offerings and focus on trackers and off-wrist solutions for health measurement, leaving Wear OS to its Pixel Watch line.

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