‘Dreams are geeks’ on Twitter over allegations of beauty for minors

After revealing the face of YouTuber Dream, he is now facing suspicions of grooming a girl who started the trend of ‘dreams are perverts’ on Twitter. Well, it seems that not everything went smoothly after the YouTuber Dream’s face was revealed. As in the past, there was a tendency to call YouTubers ugly. But now another trend has hit Twitter.

After clearing your doubts about Dream, read ahead to learn more about the “Dream is a freak” trend that’s going viral on Twitter.

YouTuber Dream recently revealed his face.

Ever since Youtuber Dream appeared on YouTube as a Minecraft creator. He always covers his face online to hide his identity. He was seen wearing a large round mask and smiling. But his followers wanted to see his face.

Well, the dream of all his followers came true when he promised to reveal his face. Recently, he took off his mask and revealed his face for everyone. Some people liked his looks. Some on Twitter started a trend calling him ugly. However, the trend towards him doesn’t seem to be over yet.

The “Dream is a freak” trend kicks off on Twitter.

After an ugly trend for YouTuber dreams. The new trend that dominates Twitter about dreams is “Dream is a freak.” Posting her face reveals of her YouTuber user of her name Anastasia on the internet claimed that YouTubers sometimes tried to retouch her on her social media.

For anyone unfamiliar with the term grooming, this means that minors are attracted to adults for sexual intercourse, primarily through online means such as texting. Anastasia also shared some texts on Twitter and Snapchat, allegedly Dreaming. She also said that due to all these allegations, Youtuber postponed the release of her face.

YouTuber Dream refuted the allegations against him.

With most of the suspicions about Anastasia being raised on YouTuber Dream, the trend of “Dream is a monster” started on Twitter. We’ve got Dreams to react to trending trends on Twitter and allegations against them. He claimed all claims were false with three tweets from Dream’s alternate Twitter account that appeared to be private.

He also tried to state in his tweets that false accusations hurt real victims of sexual assault. Meanwhile, many netizens oppose him. We have people on the side of YouTuber to support him.

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