Dua Lipa and Cher compared Twitter discussions. The singer is called “the cher of our generation”.

Dua Lipa and Cher recently proved essential to their never-ending Twitter jokes. One Twitter user claimed that his previous work was ‘Share of our time’, who suddenly started a serious conversation through social media. Avid fans of the Levitating artist fully supported her, while others argued that her Cher was her incomparable. The pointless rivalry between the two vocalists began when her fan account of her Dua Lipa called her ‘the Cher of our time’. The user attached a video of two vocalists wearing similar outfits and showing similar manners. Since then, the tweet has been shared across accounts and the video has been viewed multiple times.

Nevertheless, if Dua Lipa can turn back time, it is significant in that it is not the first time that Dua Lipa has been compared to a vocalist. In 2021, when Dua Lipa wore a handmade Versace outfit covered in Swarovski with huge butterflies hanging from her torso, she was compared to Cher’s 1974 look by many. The comparison has been posted in addition to the aforementioned video. For her Paris concert in 2018, Dua Lipa made a public sensation when she wore feathers and ‘Believe’ to Cher’s famous Bob Mackie naked dress. The 76-year-old Cher wore her dress to the 1974 Met Gala. Artists have also created their own collaborations with the fashion house Versace. According to Paper Magazine, Dua Lipa named the face of luxury brands for June 2021. Cher further worked with her Italian fashion house later this spring to create her own line, Chersace.

Dua Lipa and Cher’s Twitter discussion was explained as netizens split over the singer’s talent.

Cher weighted the Dua Lipa Twitter joke and became a complete ‘IDGAF’ with a cheeky reaction to fans looking at the two vocalists. It’s akin to Cher giving her feedback or even clever answers to her meaningful problems. This is exactly what the singing legend did when her fans compared her to her floating singer Dua Lipa. In the now deleted tweet, a fan shared a clip calling Dua Lipa ‘Cher of our time’ and looking like a 27-year-old young Cher. In the clip, Dua Lipa wore a butterfly-themed Versace outfit for the 2021 Grammys, and fans contrasted it with Cher’s two 1974 Grammys, which feature a comparative butterfly theme. Dua Lipa likewise braided her hair straight down, just like Cher in the ’70s did.

The tweet exploded for other fans who conflicted with certain fans who supported the original poster’s views. Nevertheless, the situation reached a decisive stage when one Dua Lipa fan shared the post, ‘A lot of truth in one tweet’, naming the ‘flying’ singer and the 76-year-old symbol. is in progress The vocalist of ‘Trust me’ answered, ‘How old are you?’ Reportedly, Cher’s tweet received over 8,700 likes, 1,000 retweets, and 1,100 citing tweets. Twitter soon split when she spoke of the circumstances of a particular individual supporting Cher, saying that she was ‘still the Cher of our time’. Others, on the other hand, claimed they didn’t know about the Cher song. Dua Lipa hasn’t commented on the Cher comparison joke yet, and Cher didn’t like her fan’s tweets or replies. Obviously, Dua Lipa isn’t the only celebrity to love the iconic legend Cher, and Taylor Swift even mentioned her well-known ‘mama, I am a rich man’ quote in her 2019 ‘You Need To Calm Down’ music video. .

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