Echosmith talks about the resurgence of ‘Cool Kids’ and it went viral on social media

Echosmith are an American indie pop band formed in Chino, California in February 2009. Originally formed as a group of four brothers, the band is now made up of Sydney, Noah and Graham Sierota after their oldest brother Jamie left in 2016.

Since TikTok took over the world, the well-known social media application has helped bring new songs to their lofty debuts on the Billboard Hot 100 and revitalize old hits. Exactly eight years ago, for nearly ten years, Echosmith made his career-high number 13 on the Hot 100 with his hit Cool Kids. Now in 2022, this song is experiencing a dazzling revival thanks to this. This is a new accelerated/sped up version of that track.

On TikTok, users provide a soundtrack video montage of their progress with faster songs. More than 1.3 million videos have been created in the new form of “Cool Kids” led by TikTok giants like Addison Rae and others.

American indie pop band Echosmith talks about ‘Cool Kids’ resurgence and virus spread on TikTok

Indie pop band Echosmith reached number 13 on the Hot 100 career high with their hit ‘Cool Kids’. Now in 2022, the song is remarkably reviving with another accelerated performance of the track. In a meeting with Billboard News, Echosmith talks about their energetic energy, their career life and another version of the song from Cool Kids Bridge.

A lot has changed. I was 16 when I showed up. At this point I am 25 years old. Sydney Sierota, lead entertainer for sibling band Echosmith, said: Talking about the song’s resurgence, she said, “It’s been so long since we delivered it, it’s been so long since we recorded it. We recently saw a video of Addison Rae on our For You page and we were so shocked. I thought she was a giant TikToker. Isn’t it like

Sierota added an extra new leg to unveil Cool Kids. We were simply playing around and we made up some sort of bridge, another extension…and that was kinda cool! Despite Cool Kids, Echosmith finished 40th with Bright. On the Billboard 200, the indie pop band, Talking Dreams, peaked at number 38. Their full debut song also reached number one on Heatseekers Albums.

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