Elon Musk admits to owning a secret Instagram account

Billionaire and tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has reportedly admitted to having a “secret” account on Instagram.

In a tweet on Sunday in response to an apparent fan, the SpaceX founder dismissed user claims that he was running an account in secret.

“A lot of people think @elonmusk runs my Twitter account. And it is true,” wrote user Pranay Pathole.

The user said, “He’s a very busy guy making rockets, building life on multiple planets, building futuristic electric cars, and digging tunnels. And somehow he finds time to run multiple Twitter accounts. Yeah.”

Musk responded to the tweet denying Pattol’s allegations of running the account, but admitted running a personal Instagram account.

He wrote: “Haha, I don’t even have a Burner Twitter account! “I have a silly, secret Instagram account where I can click on links my friends send me,” he said.

It’s unclear what the account name is or whether it exists, but it’s still unclear why Musk decided to disclose the existence of a “secret” account on Instagram.

He is currently in the process of acquiring Twitter for $44 billion, but put the deal on hold after demanding that less than 5% of Twitter accounts prove they are “bots.”

Following the startling move, Musk called for a 25% cut in the asking price “absolutely if 25% of users are bots.”

It comes in response to Tesla CEO claims that he and his company SpaceX paid $250,000 to settle a claim from an anonymous flight attendant who sued him for exposing himself in a private jet in 2018. business insider reported

The report cited an anonymous person who was a friend of the crew, Reuters It was reported that the statement was made as part of a private settlement process.

Musk said on Twitter last week that these allegations were “completely untrue” and that “never happened.” He also suggested in response to the article that he had only been charged with such a crime once, so the allegation was low.

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