Elon Musk Allows Trump to Return to Twitter

Elon Musk plans to lift Twitter’s permanent ban once former President Donald Trump takes over the social media platform entirely.

“I don’t think it’s right to ban Donald Trump. “I think it was a mistake because it alienated a lot of the country and ultimately left Donald Trump with no say,” Musk told the Financial Times. event on tuesday.

Musk went on to criticize Twitter’s decision to ban Trump as “stupid”, arguing that the move undermined public trust in social media platforms.

“Banning Trump on Twitter does not end Trump’s voice. It will amplify it on the right. That’s why it’s morally wrong and completely stupid,” Musk said.

According to Musk, Twitter should only impose a permanent ban on accounts belonging to bots, spammers and scammers. For all other accounts, companies must either impose a temporary suspension on that account or use a method that makes Tweets invisible when their content violates the rules.

Musk also said that the main goal of buying Twitter is to create a public forum, but the ban on Trump has fragmented the user base. He pointed to how the former US president created a competitive social media platform at Truth Social, which now attracts many conservative users.

“I honestly think this can be worse than having a single forum where everyone can discuss,” Musk said.

Tesla CEO added later. “If they say something illegal or world-destroying, there will probably be a timeout. Temporary pauses or certain tweets should be made invisible or have very limited traction.”

Musk plans to acquire Twitter for $44 billion to curb content moderation on social media platforms. He also plans to publish Twitter’s source code online so anyone can inspect it.

His comments on Tuesday suggest that someone previously banned on Twitter may be back soon. But Musk warned that he still doesn’t own Twitter, and he noted that the deal could take several more months to complete. Meanwhile, President Trump has said he has no plans to join Twitter again.

During the event, Musk said Twitter’s current policy was struggling with liberal biases. “I think Twitter should be much more fair. I’m currently based in San Francisco, so I’m very left-leaning,” he said.

“I don’t think people there necessarily intend to have a left-leaning bias, or at least some don’t,” he added. in a very remote environment. But it fails to build trust in the rest of America.”

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