Elon Musk claimed to have been randomly tested for drugs after the Joe Rogan episode.

Elon Musk claims on Joe Rogan’s podcast that he has been under scrutiny by government officials since the 2018 pot smoking incident.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Elon Musk has opened up about being investigated by the Fed after Joe Rogan’s episode.

Elon Musk recently appeared on an episode of Full Send Podcast with the Nelk Boys and John Shahidi on Tuesday.

During an interview, Tesla CEO recalled the backlash he received after smoking a dull cigarette at Joe Rogan’s show.

Musk said, ‘We’ve had a lot of backlash. Because it’s still federally illegal.’

The 51-year-old billionaire spoke more candidly about the consequences he and the SpaceX company face in the aftermath of the 2018 events.

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‘So I had to like random drug tests and things after that to prove I wasn’t a drug addict,’ Musk argued.

The richest man in the world continues to be ‘federal government. Because, like SpaceX, it has a federal insurance contract and is still illegal in the federal government.’

Musk argued that his SpaceX competitors may have been the ones who pressured federal agents to test their urine.

‘So, just like SpaceX, competitors are like, ‘Hey, why aren’t you doing anything?’ Like blatantly smoking weed on Joe Logan’s podcast.’

Musk went on to say, ‘Yeah, they did drug tests on me for everything. randomly. It wasn’t, you know, a big choice in one day… oh, it was a random drug test.’

He also said, ‘Because it’s federally illegal and SpaceX has a federal contract, the results for me and actually SpaceX weren’t good, and unfortunately not just me, the company as a whole, SpaceX as a whole do random drug testing.’

Elon talks about recreational substances.

Elon Musk spoke more about cannabis in a recent episode of the Full Send Podcast.

Musk added several reasons why he thinks cannabis is bad for productivity. He also acknowledged that there are differences in people’s attitudes toward such substances.

Nevertheless, he points out that these types of recreational substances are much more useful in the healthcare system.

Not only that, but the openness and comfort of a billionaire talking about cannabis in a recent podcast has touched many fans.

Musk had a humorous conversation as the Nelk Boys talked about his tweets. SpaceX CEO’s tweets are known to be outright ridiculous at times.


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