Elon Musk was ‘worried’ about the lack of incentives to fix spam bots on Twitter. ‘Very suspicious’

Elon Musk has expressed skepticism about Twitter’s willingness to address the existence of bots on the platform.

When asked about negotiations with social media companies, Musk expressed dissatisfaction with the platform’s lack of transparency to bot users.

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“I’m concerned that Twitter will play a passive role in reducing spam because it reduces the number of perceived daily users,” Musk said.

ELON MUSK asks Twitter executive about Hillary Clinton tweets that surfaced.

He added in a separate tweet, “They still refuse to explain how they calculate that 5% of daily users are fake/spam! Very suspicious.”

Elon Musk offers Twitter purchase terms. (Getty Images to Dimitrios Kambouris/Met Museum/Vogue/Getty Images)

Musk has been criticized in recent weeks after announcing his intentions to acquire the social media platform. Critics accused the CEO of rushing his announcement after questions were raised about the impact of bot use and automated users on the company’s price.

So far, Musk has publicly promised to take over Twitter.

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In a live episode of the All-In Podcast at the Miami Tech Conference, Musk told his host He said he will vote for Republicans in the upcoming elections, despite his record of voting almost exclusively for Democrats.

He said: “I have voted overwhelmingly and overwhelmingly for the Democrats historically. I am not sure. I may never have voted for a Republican.

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He threw some accusations against Republicans, but insisted that the problems on the Republican side stem from “corporate evil and religious zeal.” Musk has claimed to be “moderate” in the past.

But news that Musk would vote Republican in the next cycle surprised Twitter users.

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