Eloy: ‘I feel pretty good’

CHICAGO — Eloy Jiménez looks and feels good and is ready to rejoin the White Sox “sooner or later” as the left fielder told the press before playing with the Guardians at Guaranteed Rate Field on Tuesday.

Jiménez spoke to the press for the first time after suffering a right hamstring injury while riding a slow roller at third base starting the second inning of the game at Target Field on April 23rd. He suffered from that injury and he underwent surgery to repair the torn part. Although Jiménez got up and walked the day he had surgery, the hamstring tendon behind his right knee.

Now he’s running, and he’s also swinging in early batting practice on Tuesday.

“I started running a few days ago and that’s important right now,” Jiménez said. “Other than that, I feel pretty good. We just wanted to make sure I run well and see what happens.

“When I fell, I never once thought that not being able to play was a bad thing. It felt good and I was a little upset. And it happened. Now I feel pretty good about the results we got.”

Reviewing that fateful play with the Twins, Jiménez appeared injured as he hit back first base with his left foot and rolled forward on the field. However, Jiménez explained Tuesday that the injury happened when he first got close and before he made contact.

“So when I felt it, I was like, ‘Oh, [expletive]’ said Jimenez. ‘But now it’s pretty normal … I don’t feel anything right now. I feel good.

“It’s hard every time I go out. It’s really hard for me. Everyone knows that I love to play and I love to have fun. When I’m in the dugout, I cheer for the team, but I feel like, ‘Lord, I want to play.'”

Manager Tony La Russa took a moment to marvel at how well Jiménez was moving as he spoke to the media ahead of his game in Boston last weekend. The White Sox have expected his initial absence to be six to eight weeks, and Jimenez could come back sooner than that schedule, but it won’t be in a hurry.

A reporter asked Jimenez on Tuesday if he could return next month. Jimenez answered with a familiar smile. [general manager] Rick Han.”

“It feels pretty good,” said Jiménez. “But I don’t know.”

“If you’ve been to Boston, you’ve probably seen Eloy sprint less than two weeks after surgery,” Hahn said. “It’s a testament to modern medicine and our training staff and him.” . “He and both [injured starting pitcher] window [Lynn] We will continue with our originally planned schedule. So that’s positive.”

This setback marks the second straight season in which Jiménez has missed significant time due to an injury. He made his debut on July 26 last season after ruptured his left pectoral tendon during an all-out reckless attempt to steal a home run during spring training. That rehabilitation process should give him an idea of ​​what he’ll be doing physically and at the plate in 2022.

However, he is unlikely to change his playstyle due to an injury. Jimenez will continue to run hard. He will continue to have fun.

“Now we are working together. [hitting coach] candid [Menechino] To get my timing back,” said Jiménez. “So I know it’s going to be a little tough, but we’ve got a chance to play every day, so let’s see.”


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