Eminem pays tribute to Canadian rapper Pat Stay, who died at age 36

Eminem paid tribute to Canadian rapper Pat Stay, who was injured on Sunday, September 4th. As detailed by HipHopDX, police were called to block 1600 of Lower Water Street in Fairfax, Nova Scotia, with reports of stabbings. Anyway, Pat Stay took rapper Pat Stay, who died of injuries at the age of 36, to the hospital. Similarly, Eminem, who appeared on the Battle Lab circuit, tweeted his condolences. Hip-Hop has lost one of the greatest battlers in history. Tear @patstay … KINGS NEVER DIE!! Last month, Pat Stay released Game’s 10th album, ‘DRILLMATIC Heart Vs. mental’.

One part of the track sees The Game mirror Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ stream. With the previous rap, oh, he goes platinum/and I’m doing the math with him/he got the blackest mate/he needs to be left dead in African/Me, ‘Doctor’s Advocate’/ Dre never made it, he just imagined it. Posted on Instagram by Pat Stay as a fan of losangelesconfidential. Trust me. I respect that aspiration. But when you start a ‘he exploded because he’s white’ type whole, it’s more hateful than competitive.

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Eminem pays tribute to Canadian rapper Pat Stay, who died at age 36

Canadian rapper Pat Stay died at the age of 36 after being stabbed in the middle of downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Pat Stay was rushed to hospital, but the rapper died shortly thereafter from serious injuries. The rapper’s brother, Pete Stay, announced that he had died Sunday morning, although police have not officially confirmed it. Authorities responded in a timely manner to the shocking situation. According to the report, no one has been arrested in connection with the stabbing as of September 4, and authorities are requesting that anyone with data contact them.

Eminem posted on Twitter to pay tribute to the late Pat Stay on Sunday, September 4, after being stabbed to death in Fairfax, Nova Scotia. Hip-Hop has lost one of the most amazing fighters in history made up of ‘Lose Yourself’ MCs. RIP @patstay… KINGS NEVER DIE!! As REVOLT recently revealed, Pat Stay’s brother Peter confirmed that rapper Pat Shay was injured after being reported stabbed in the 1600 block of Lower Water Street. He was 36 years old. Moreover, until recently, Pat Stay defended Eminem as he continued to fight Game.

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