Emma Chamberlain Returns to YouTube After 6 Months, Fan Reaction

Popular American internet personality Emma Chamberlain is back on YouTube after six months. Emma became famous after posting her YouTube videos. She is gaining popularity on all social media accounts. However, she hasn’t posted any videos of her on her YouTube channel for a long time.

Read ahead to learn more about Emma Chamberlain on YouTube.

A little about Emma Chamberlain

Social media has given the world many stars. One of them is Emma Chamberlain, who became an American Internet figure. She rose to fame with her YouTube channel. She also won a Streamy Award for Breakout Creator in 2019. Not only that, but she also gained popularity on social media like Instagram.

Her Instagram account has over 15 million followers. Her best years were when she became brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton and Cartier. However, she has been missing from her YouTube channel for a long time. But now we know where she is.

Emma Chamberlain Comes Back to YouTube

Emma Chamberlain has over 11 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. But her daily routine of making YouTube videos took a toll on her mental health. She took a break from it. Since then, she has gone missing from her YouTube channel.

But after a break of 6 months. She finally returned from New York with her video. Yes, she posted an 18-minute video on YouTube titled “What’s good in New York”. Well, with that comeback, her fans are definitely very happy. But she has many other things besides her YouTube channel.

Emma Chamberlain and her professional life

Emma rose to fame on her YouTube channel, where she started posting videos in 2017. Users loved watching her content. She has been trying to please her fans by posting her videos on a regular basis. However, as she took her break from her YouTube channel, she found time to do the podcast “Anything Goes”. She is her weekly podcast.

It’s not just serving as brand ambassadors for some giants. She introduced her own coffee brand called “Chamberlain Coffee”. But it looks like she’s finally ready to offer some of her content on her YouTube channel. Just like her fans want to see it.

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