Endeavor season 8 release date, cast, trailer and plot

Endeavor Season 8 sees Shawn Evans reprise his role as DS Endeavor Morse. In addition, celebrities also direct season 1 episodes. The widely acclaimed series was written and written by Russell Lewis. Endeavor season 7 drew 6.8 million viewers across all devices over three episodes, so fans are very excited to see what happens next.

The PBS network has reported that the next season of Endeavor will be the last, suggesting that there are only six episodes left of the British mystery show. Meanwhile, the network has released the show’s most recent trailer, which heralds the plot of seeing Morse and Thursday chase another killer.

Season 8 of the masterpiece show was actively broadcast in the UK via ITV. That said, we know a lot about what’s been set up in this most recent episode, including whether certain fan-favorite cast members that were missing from the previous episode arrangement are back.

Endeavor season 8 release date

Endeavor season 8 premiered on ITV in the UK on September 12, 2021. Episodes can be viewed on the ITV Hub. In the United States, season 8 of Endeavor began airing on the PBS network on June 19th from 9pm EST to 11pm EST.

The other two episodes of season 8 (“Scherzo” and “Terminus”) air on June 26 and July 3 at the same time slot. Viewers needing to check out the episodes so far can track each of the seven seasons on Prime Video, and new episodes can be streamed on the PBS network.

Endeavor season 8 cast

All of Season 7’s main characters are back, with the exception of Violetta (Stephanie Leonidas), who lost her life near the end of the final season’s finale.

Returning cast members include Evans as Endeavor, Roger Alam as Fred Thursday, James Bradshaw as Max Debrin, Sean Rigby as Jim Strange, Anton Lesser as Reginald Bright, Caroline O’Neill as Wynn Thursday, and Dorothea. There is an Abigail Saw of frost.

Also, cast members who skipped last season are returning. Sara Vickers returns as Joan on Thursday after missing the last three episodes because she focuses on her new kid.

Joining the show’s new episode, Julian Moore-Cook, soccer player Morse, must protect her life after her life is at stake. Andrew Havill plays the college president whose secretary is killed in a bombing.

Endeavor season 8


According to ITV, Season 8 of Endeavor began in 1971 and follows Oxford Wanderers star striker Jack Swift being threatened with death. Then, Endeavor and his group lie at the heart of the wonders and style of 1970s football, uncovering the true cost of success and celebrity. They will likewise reveal the deep-seated divisions reflected much closer to home.

Meanwhile, Endeavor mourns the death of her lover Violetta, who passed away at the end of the last series, making the town enchanted.

It’s been two or three months since Violetta’s death and Violetta isn’t managing it well, but he’s doing everything he can to keep it from being revealed. Anyway, the series makes it clear that he’s not adapting. Drinking too much and being paralyzed are some of the more pressing problems. Star Shaun Evans said he quickly picked up more of this series.

Endeavor Season 8Endeavor Season 8


Season 8 has three new episodes from Sunday, June 19th to Sunday, July 3rd, 9pm-11pm EST. This is something to be expected of this season. Season 8 only airs three episodes, so producers will be trusting the show as season 7 progresses. Over 6.8 million viewers have checked out to see the last episode of the show, which aired just before the 2020 pandemic.

Season 6 achieved one of the highest ratings ever for the show, with 7.2 million viewers watching all episodes overall. Nevertheless, they have not yet won a season of a pilot episode that aired in 2012 and captivated a crowd of 8.2 million people.

Episode 1: Striker
The explosive murder that took place at Oxford University could perhaps have broad political implications. Meanwhile, Endeavor is tasked with protecting the life of the star striker of his beloved soccer team. Debuts on Sunday, June 19th, 9/8c.

Episode 2: Scherzo
A taxi driver is found dead in his taxi on the outskirts of Oxford. An investigation into his death leads Endeavor and his companions on a surprising path. Endeavor gets a visitor to help him with a past he will soon forget. Debuts on Sunday, June 26th, 9/8c.

Episode 3: End
On a cold winter’s day, a group is convened to investigate the violent murder of an Oxford University student. Thursday receives news that creates tension in the home. Debuts on Sunday, July 3rd, 9/8c.

Will season 8 be the last season?

Endeavor, which debuted in 2012, is a prequel to British crime investigator Inspector Moss, starring John Thorne, which aired from 1987 to 2000. Sean Evans plays the younger version of the brain detective. Roger Allam plays DCI Fred Thursday, who doesn’t appear on the original show. The ninth series will bring Endeavor’s full-length episode count to a maximum of 36, three more than the parent series.

The choice to end the show after nine seasons was a choice shared by Evans, Allam, and screenwriter Russell Lewis, as indicated by the PBS network.

Lewis consistently knew “where he believed the series was supposed to end,” explained executive producer Damian Timmer. “The day of penance is almost upon us!”

Russell was very shocked for the last three films. A few familiar faces appear and there are new challenges to face before Endeavor and Thursday say their final goodbyes!” He added.

Endeavor season 9 is currently filming in Oxford. A debut date has not been announced. RadioTimes reports that the final episode will air on ITV in late 2022 or mid 2023. Episodes usually air in the United Kingdom, followed by a brief period in the United States.

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