England and Argentina criticize in 2 minutes

England’s Will Homer waited under the post and eventually ground the ball.

England and Argentina were criticized after a long delay before both teams helped score a goal in the World Rugby Sevens men’s group in Toulouse.

England’s Will Homer threw the ball to the ground after more than two minutes passed.

Argentina won the match 19-7. The result is a point difference, meaning both teams played at Canada’s expense.

Former referee Nigel Owens said, “It goes against the spirit of the game.”

“When I was refereeing at the WR 7s circuit, we used to tell the player to touch the ball in this situation. It’s surprising that the referee didn’t even tell him.” Owens added.external link

In a post on social mediaexternal link The World Rugby Sevens described the incident as “unique, bizarre and controversial.”

“Time seems to have stopped at Toulouse because England deliberately delaying their attempt to advance to the quarterfinals,” he added.

Argentina, England and Canada all tied with 7 points at the end of Group A in the latest round of the World Rugby Sevens series.

As a result of the controversial results, Argentina ranked first, England, second, four points ahead of third-placed Canada, and Japan in fourth, advancing to the quarterfinals.

In the last eight matches, England lost to Samoa and Argentina to Ireland.

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