Ernie Shavers Carrer died at the age of 78 as one of the toughest punchers in boxing history.

Former heavyweight boxer Ernie Shavers has died at the age of 78. With a total of 68 knockouts in his career, Ernie was also known for his fight with Muhammad Ali, which he hit really hard. He recently turned 78 and the sad news followed him. But how did Ernie Shavers die?

Read ahead to learn more about Ernie Shavers, who died at the age of 78.

Ernie Razor and his boxing career

Ernie Shavers was a famous boxer who became famous for throwing the toughest punches. Most of the razor fights took place in the 1970s. But he was good enough to handle it until the mid-1990s. In his entire career, he recorded about 68 knockouts.

Two of Ernie’s heavyweight titles were against Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes. Both games were only two years apart. Throughout his entire career, he remained a successful boxer despite suffering major defeats.

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Ernie Shavers dies at 78

Ernie Shavers recently passed away at the age of 78. The former boxer, who was the toughest puncher in the world, made everyone sad when he left for heaven. Razor recently turned 78 this Wednesday. However, the news of his death a day later shocked everyone.

Nevertheless, the cause of the former boxer’s death has not yet been revealed. But his death certainly left a huge gap in the boxing industry. Meanwhile, after Razor’s death, social media is buzzing with remembrance of the deceased boxer.

Netizens pay tribute to the deceased boxer.

Ernie Razor A big hit in his boxing career, Ernie Razor shattered all his loved ones and fans at the news of his death. Social media received a lot of praise for the late boxer. Everyone tried to remember his great achievements.

Some of his boxing colleagues also expressed their grief over Shavers’ death. As social media fills with tributes and heartfelt condolences to the boxer’s family. Certainly, Ernie Shaver fans will miss him especially for the great boxing career he has had.

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