Errol Musk net worth

Errol Musk is an American electromechanical engineer, pilot, real estate developer and consultant. $2 million net worth. He is famous as the father of the world’s richest man, Elon Musk. Musk is owned by SpaceX, Tesla, Inc. and Neurolink’s CEO and one of the co-founders of PayPal.

Errol is known for leading a scandalous life and having problems with her children. His children always thought of him badly as a human. He made headlines when he admitted that he had sex with his stepdaughter and raised a child.

Nevertheless, despite these problems, Errol is recognized as one of the great engineers of his day. In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2017, Errol was “the youngest individual in South Africa to obtain a professional engineer qualification,” Elon said.

Errol Musk net worth

As of 2022, Errol Musk’s net worth is estimated at around $2 million. Errol has been able to raise a ton of money by using his innovative business ideas and momentum to succeed. His business and long engineering career contributed greatly to his wealth.

Errol enjoys spending money on travel and luxury living. He even owns several luxury mansions in many countries around the world, but his most cherished mansion is located in the wonderful suburb of Pretoria.

Net Worth 2022

name Errol Musk
net worth 2022 2 million dollars
job engineer, pilot
country USA
bear 1946
salary $10,000
last update 2022

early life

Errol Graham Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1946 to Walter Henry James and Cora Amelia Robinson. He has a brother Michael James. Errol attended Clapham High School, where he met his future wife, Maye Haldeman.

After graduating from high school, he first entered the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, then moved to the University of Pretoria to study electromechanical engineering.


Errol began her early career as a real estate developer and engineering consultant. Errol enjoyed a very prosperous career in which he was able to raise huge amounts of money. He also owned many operational mines and other natural resource facilities.

He is rumored to have owned a stake in the emerald mine near Lake Tanganyika in Zambia. However, Errol retired rather early. By 1980, Errol had been half-retired and had begun investing most of his time and money in travel.

Errol Musk net worth and salary

child with his stepdaughter

Things got worse when it was revealed that Heide Marie’s daughter, Yana Bezuidenhaut, was the mother of Errol Musk’s child.

Jana Bezuidenhout was only 4 years old when she first met. At first, everyone thought that Jana’s ex-boyfriend was Elliot Rush’s father. Errol Musk was identified as his father when paternity test results were made public.

Errol Musk has a sixth child, Elliot Rush Musk, as a result of an intercourse that Jana claimed was impulsive after breaking up with her boyfriend. Heide eventually divorced him after 18 years of her marriage. He eventually admitted in court that he had had multiple extramarital affairs.

Emerald Mine Ownership

According to numerous media reports, Errol was known to own an emerald mine near Lake Tanganyika in Zambia, where his family lived in luxury at the time.

However, Elon tweeted in 2019 that he didn’t own an emerald mine and had a $100,000 student loan balance after graduating from college. He couldn’t even afford a second PC on Zip2, so he programmed at night and only ran my website during the day.

In an interview with the British press, Errol confessed that he tried to live in the United States, but he hated America and eventually returned to his native South Africa.

personal life

In 1970, Errol first married her high school sweetheart, Maye Haldeman, who was a model, writer, speaker, and nutritionist. They have three children: Elon Reeve Musk, restaurant owner, chef and entrepreneur Kimbal Musk, and film producer and director Tosca Musk.

In 1979, the couple decided to separate. According to court reports, their sons spent weekends with Maye and weekdays with their father. Tosca was just a baby when her mother raised her. Since they broke up, Elon Musk hasn’t mentioned him often in the press.

Errol then married his second wife, Heide-Mari. She had three children and was a widow. They have two children, Alexandra “Ali” Musk and Asha “Rose” Musk. Errol currently resides in Pretoria, South Africa.

Facts about Errol Musk

  • Errol is of British and South African ancestry.
  • The first chiropractor in Canada was Errol’s grandmother.
  • His parents were the first people to fly a single-engine plane from South Africa to Australia.
  • Vance’s autobiography claims that Errol paid Elon and his brother Kimbal $28,000 in 1995 to start Zip2, their first software company.


Errol is charged with the murder of three armed robbers who broke into a Johannesburg home years ago. Elon said he witnessed assaults in some reports. Errol later told Rolling Stone that he acted in self-defense. He has never been convicted of a crime. Years later, Maye wrote a memoir detailing her physical and emotional abuse of her by Errol.

assets and property

In terms of assets, Errol loved sailing and flying, so he also had purebred horses, a yacht and an aircraft called “Cessna”.

Most of the time during the holidays Errol will stay in one of his luxurious mansions. One of them was in Waterkloof, a luxurious neighborhood in Pretoria, where Elon spent most of her childhood after Errol and Maye divorced.


Errol Musk has a net worth of $2 million. Errol amassed wealth as a famous engineer and businessman. He was also severing ties with his children, who later described him as a terrible and controlling person. Errol comes from a distinguished engineering lineage and is considered one of the greatest engineers in history.

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