‘Eternals’ director confirmed to bring more Disney Plus content in March


Eternals It was a divisive film, but like all Disney-owned films, audiences will soon see more of them.

Director Chloé Zhao recently posted on Instagram and checked out the commentary track. assembling marvel studio The documentary (similar to what’s already available on most of the tier 4 slates) and additional bonus features will be rolling out to streaming services starting in March.

These features are part of a digital package for those who have already jumped in and bought the movie as soon as it’s released. Eternals Coming February 15th in physical form, additionally on DVD and Blu-ray.

We have bonus content Eternals, which stormed with fans, still voted as the worst-rated film in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on both Rotten Tomatoes and Cinemascore.

The Space Blockbuster is already the best movie on Disney Plus. Fans just have to wait and see whether the long-awaited sequel comes out. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Nirvana There is already a second installment in the work.

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