Eugen Rochko Net Worth, coder who created Twitter rival Mastodon

Ever since Elon Musk’s Twitter started facing backlash, Mastodon has been gaining popularity with coder Eugen Rochko. Well, Twitter has been the talk of the town. Because Musk’s name is associated. Meanwhile, after becoming the owner of a social media platform. Many Twitter users have left the platform. Some even chose mastodons. But what is a Mastodon and who is the coder Eugen Rochko?

Read ahead to learn more about Mastodon and coder Eugen Rochko.

Mastodons gaining popularity after Twitter backlash

If you are a TikTok user. If so, you’ve surely come across the changes coming to the platform. Well, this change in Twitter has caused a lot of people associated with Twitter to leave the platform. The hunt for another alternative to Twitter is currently on.

But did you know that after the Twitter backlash, many are now turning to mastodons? Yes, Twitter’s not-so-popular rival is gaining massive popularity these days. This is because it is an online network of independent servers. At Mastodon we get several servers that combine to form it. While not run by a specific company, server or individual.

Who is the mastodon’s coder?

Ever since everyone has been interested in mastodons. People were curious about the app’s coders. Mastodon’s coder is 29-year-old Eugen Rochko. He is credited with being the coder behind the massive network Mastodon.

Rochko was 11 when her family moved from Russia to Germany. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from a public university in Germany. In 2016 he launched the now popular Mastodon. Speaking of Mastodon, Rochko said, “The idea behind Mastodon is that online communications shouldn’t be tied to one private company.”

Eugen Rochko Net Worth

As Mastodon caught the attention of users after the Twitter backlash. We all wanted to know about coder Eugen Rochko and his net worth. However, there is little information about Rochko. We don’t know about his net worth yet.

Moreover, even then Rochko launched Mastodon. He was still studying. He also paid for Mastodon’s development through open source development grants from Patreon, Open Collective, and Samsung.

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