Evan Kardon exposed to underage text messages: TikTok influencer controversy explained

TikTok star Evan Kardon is on everyone’s radar after being exposed to underage text messages. Well, we got a lot of stars from TikTok. The video gained fame by gaining millions of fans. However, recently, Evan Kardon has been exposed to minors who are hard to miss with his writings and actions. But what exactly did Evan Kardon do?

To learn more about TikToker, Evan Kardon exposed her texts and actions to minors.

Who is Evan Kardon?

Numerous people on TikTok have become famous. Among them was Evan Kardon. Kardon is also a popular powerlifter, fitness influencer and bodybuilder. He has been sharing his videos on the TikTok platform for a long time.

In fact, his popularity on TikTok so far has already given him 750,000 followers on the app. But now he is embroiled in a controversy that has made him go viral on the Internet. Because some of his texts on social media are getting him in the spotlight for no reason.

Evan Kardon, Text and Behavior Exposure to Minors

Recently, on October 5, 2022, a video was uploaded by user Mr Goob trying to expose Evan Kardon. In the video, users tried to show everyone how Kardon texted and attempted to communicate with a minor, despite being a 16-year-old minor.

Airlind’s bait account had a page of a minor girl still in high school. While Mr. Goob is about to show the girl Kardon’s text. Some even ask him to go to his hometown, NC. Meanwhile, this shocked everyone.

@mrgoobreturns @enterkardon – total. #bend #fittock #entercardon ♬ Original sound – Mr. Goob

User reactions to Evan Kardon’s exposure to minors through her text

Well, certainly, the text Evan Kardon sent to minors came as a surprise to everyone. Because no one expected it from him. Meanwhile, Jim Tok tries to unite about Kardon’s behavior. It wants to limit Evan Kardon to his account.

This definitely affects Evan Kardon’s fan following on social media including TikTok right now. Meanwhile, everyone is awaiting Kardon’s own reaction to revealing that Kardon is going viral on the text on the internet.

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