eve jobs net worth

What is Eve Jobs’ net worth?

Net Worth: 15 million dollars
job: Model
country: USA
bear: May 2, 1998
Salary (annual): $3 million per year
last update 2022

Eve Jobs is an American model, equestrian and Stanford graduate who has a net worth of $15 million. Eve Jobs is best known youngest In the words of the late Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs.

Jobs was fascinated with horses at the age of two and started riding at the age of six. She turned her passion for show jumping into her career by participating in a variety of events, including: USEF Pony Finals and Grand Prix Stadium.

She has received numerous awards, including the Martha Jolicoeur Leading Lady Rider Award. Lugano Diamond Grand Prix 2nd place The best U-25 jumper in the world.

Jobs made headlines recently. Apple mocks the iPhone 14 It was revealed, suggesting that there were no significant differences from the previous model. However, despite keeping her quiet profile since her father passed away in 2011, she is building a fan base in the modeling and equestrian industries.

eve jobs net worth over the years

2022 net worth 15 million dollars
2021 net worth 12 million dollars
2020 net worth ten million dollars
net worth in 2019 8 million dollars
2018 net worth 5 million dollars

Did Eve Jobs inherit a fortune from his father?

Steve Jobs died of respiratory arrest on October 5, 2011 at the age of 8, after being diagnosed with pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor in 2003. $10.2 billion at the time of death.

After his death, Lauren Powell Jobs, Steve Jobs’ wife for 20 years, inherited the Walt Disney Company and Apple stock for billions of dollars. She is currently worth $23.1 billion. 59th richest person in the world.

Because Lauren Powell Jobs inherited a billion-dollar inheritance from her late husband, many thought that the couple’s three children would also benefit from their late father’s achievements.

Her family’s net worth is $21.7 billion, but she won’t get an inheritance because her mother Lauren Powell Jobs plans to use it for a charitable cause. In fact, despite Steve Jobs left all his fortune to his wife. His youngest daughter, Jobs, paved the way for success on her own and is now living a high life as a result of her hard work.

early life

The day Eve Jobs was born May 2, 1998, To Apple founder Steve Jobs and his wife Lauren Powell. She has two brothers, Erin Siena Jobs and Reed Jobs, and her half-sister Lisa Brennan Jobs.

Eve took a year off after graduating from high school to focus on horseback riding, attended Upper Echelon Academy to develop her riding talents, and later graduated from Stanford University with a Science, Technology and Social Sciences major.

equestrian career

Jobs was fascinated with horses at the age of two, and started as a hobby at the age of six and became her goal. She has showcased her riding skills by competing in various shows and events.

Balancing schoolwork and horseback riding was difficult for her at first, and eventually she completed her education, financed by a high school in California. upper echelon academy, A professional online learning environment with a curriculum specifically tailored to the rider’s schedule and competition.

Jobs mentioned horse riding as a hobby in an interview with the school magazine. She was able to juggle schools and competitions despite her hard work.

Eve Jobs net worth and income

Jobs showed off his riding and jumping abilities at the second annual Longines Masters Show in 2015. She took part in the four-day event with Bill Gates’ daughter Jennifer Gates. Georgina Bloomberg, She is the daughter of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Jessica Springsteen, daughter of singer Bruce Springsteen, and Destry Spielberg, daughter of Steven Spielberg.

Jobs and her horse Quickley 3 won the Equirie Decorating Trophy in 29.181 seconds after beating Steven Spielberg’s daughter Destree Spielberg in 2015. Jobs was a seasoned show jumper. 5th place Out of 1,000 riders under the age of 25 in the world in 2019

modeling career

Jobs has already worked with some of the best names in the industry, including Gigi Hadid and Paloma Elsesser. Jobs started in 2020 while working on a holiday ad for beauty brand Glossier. She made her runway debut in Hers. Paris Fashion Weekly 2021, Coperni will appear on the Spring and Summer 2022 show. She told her 262,000 Instagram followers that it was “some honor” to walk into the arena.

With her already outstanding modeling resume, it’s no surprise. DNA model management, Luxury International Talent Management Business signed with Eve in 2022. She named her New York-based company in a post announcing her own agent that same day. Recently, she returned to Paris Fashion Week for the Louis Vuitton Show.

eve jobs favorite things

favorite actor Robert Downey Jr.
favorite actress Jennifer Lawrence
favorite singer justin bieber
favorite apps Instagram
favorite game Not applicable
favorite food I do not know
favorite song I do not know
favorite sportsman Jason Tatum
favorite movie Spider-Man™: Far From Home
favorite soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo’s
favorite TV show I do not know
hobby driving, Travel

for eve jobs

net worth 2 million dollars
name eve jobs
age 24 years old
key (1.65M)
weight 48KG (Approx.)
job Model
birthday July 9, 1998
place of birth USA
nationality American
income $3 million per year
Spouse Not applicable

personal life

Jobs also appeared in Harry Hudson’s music video. “Take my time”. The two have been linked since early 2021. However, rumors of their breakup circulated last August.
Rumor has it that Jobs is dating equestrian Eugenia Garza Perez.

assets and property

Jobs’ mother bought a luxurious ranch worth £11 million in Wellington, Florida in 2016. Here you can train and have an air-conditioned barn for 20 horses and a show jumping arena. It also boasts the entirety of Jobs’ ranch. 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and 40 foot swimming pool.

Her family owns at least four mansions, including a 7-bed, £6m home in Palo Alto and a £33m estate on 3 acres in Malibu. The family also inherited two additional properties. A total of £13 million in Woodside, California and a £12 million four-story mansion in San Francisco were reportedly paid in cash.

They also own the £75 million 256-foot luxury yacht Venus. This yacht was commissioned by Steve, but I never saw it finished before his death. Eve and her mother were photographed sunbathing on board the Cannes coast earlier this year. So her family has enjoyed it ever since.
They also have 2 private jets. £43 million and £7.5 million; Make sure Eve has traveled well.

eve jobs net worth

As of 2022, Eve Jobs’ net worth is estimated at around $15 million. She won the $130,000 CSI 3 Grand Prix on the Split Rock Jump Tour in Lexington, Kentucky. Additionally, Jobs won the $100,000 Reliable Rentals Grand Prix in 2019 when competing with riders in British Columbia, Canada.

Despite the family’s $21.7 billion fortune, Jobs is determined to carve out his own success and, in addition to becoming a champion show jumper, recently started a modeling career.

on her Instagram account 460,000 followers, After graduating from Stanford with a friend, her equestrian career and lavish vacations give her a glimpse into her well-lived life. Jobs also accumulated her wealth through brand promotions and endorsements.

Unknown Facts About Eve Jobs

  • Jobs’ aunt was the famous American author Mona Simpson.
  • Jobs enjoys traveling and horseback riding.
  • Jobs is a fan of the NBA Golden State Warriors.
  • Jobs earned the nickname “Funny Firecrackers” and recently ridiculed the iPhone 14.

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