Evo Surfers: The latest play-to-earning project that drives Gamefi into an era of integration

The pandemic has put a lot of things down, but one thing has definitely gained momentum. It is a blockchain-based game. By implanting Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and cryptography into games, these games not only provide virtual fun, but also fostered play-to-earning, a new way for users to earn money from home. . According to DApp Radar, gaming applications on the blockchain have increased by 71% compared to last year. And the craziest? The top game, Axie Infinity, has earned over $4 billion in NFT sales and over $2 billion in in-game cryptocurrency AXS. With both revenue and financial potential, these blockchain games have grown significantly into a whole new industry called Gamefi.

It seems only natural that Gamefi will have a bigger boom in 2022. It is important to find the key to unlocking further success for Gamefi in the face of stiffer competition and more sophisticated users. Recently in May, after the release of a new blockchain-based game called Evo Surfers, it immediately got a lot of attention from the community.

Evo Surfers This is the first Gamefi project to tackle the grand topic of civilization evolution. It is also considered one of the most authentic metaverse games because of its immersive gaming experience, including interstellar travel, and the fact that users can utilize the land of the game to build their own realm according to economic rules. But what captivates players most is the innovative integration of Play-to-earn, Gamefi, and Defi, which gives players the opportunity to monetize and develop the game into an infinite ecosystem.

Players will engage in various missions and battles and can acquire various in-game assets such as tools or equipment called cachas, patents and lands. Assets can be traded as NFTs on internal or secondary markets and can also be used to generate additional revenue, such as how they work with copyrights. The initial process to get the NFT is called egg twisting. Currently, the community is counting the start date of egg twist because it is said that early egg twisters can yield SSR NFTs, good NFTs with high quality properties and high value. These NFTs can be repaid to investors within the fastest 10 days.

What’s more, the game incorporates a well-designed dual-token model and Defi product, giving users more revenue options. And as the gaming ecosystem grows, it will have its own DAO to manage the growing distribution of profits.

As you can see, Evo Surfers not only delivers improved game content and design, but also unprecedentedly innovatively integrates multidimensional monetization mechanisms within games and pushes the boundaries of Gamefi. It’s not reckless to predict that the Evo Surfers have a pretty good chance at leading the new Gamefi Race.

Grand Story: Advance your civilization with cute skeletons

Evo Surfers sets the story against the evolution of human civilization. All players will build a human civilization, from primitive tribal stages to interstellar colonization. Players can experience the compressed journey of human civilization development and realize self-fulfillment by creating objects from scratch and building empathy in united collaboration.

The overall gaming experience of Evo Surfers is much more complex, yet well-organized. There are rich elements of cute characters, different settings for each stage of civilization, races with different jobs and abilities, different missions and adventures, and different ways to recover power. Players can enjoy various combinations and various fun. Apply a variety of maneuvers and strategies.

The game also includes a well-designed reward system. As your civilization evolves as a collective effort, the game will upgrade and release new lands, tools, adventures, skills and rewards to keep players motivated and kept interesting.

Different assets: multiple NFTs with different revenue streams

Evo Surfers’ largest reward system consists of a play-to-earn mechanism and blockchain-based rewards such as NFTs, tokens and the additional income generated by them. Evo Surfer’s three major NFTs are Cacha NFT, which is an avatar of the cute skeleton main character, a tool and technology NFT called Patents in the game, and a fashion NFT that can enhance Cacha’s properties.

There are many ways to get an Evo Surfer NFT. The most interesting method is the Egg Twist, which, in the above mentioned Egg Twisting, allows users to get Superior Cachas, Patent NFTs including Genesis Patents that guarantee fixed income, and Fashion NFTs. But users won’t know exactly what they’re getting with an egg that offers a sort of excitement similar to a blind box.

One of the biggest innovations of Evo Surfers NFT is that among all types of NFTS, patent NFT owners can not only profit from selling patents, but also collect income such as copyrights. This means that whenever someone else uses cryptocurrency for a patent, a portion of the cost goes into the original owner’s account as a dividend until the patent is sold to the new owner.

When a certain level of the game is reached, users can acquire and capitalize the land by renting the land or charging a certain fee for the use of the land, making it a small metaverse real estate business.

Dual Tokennomics: Stable and Robust Growth

If trading NFTs and earning patent fees isn’t enough, Evo Surfers will issue not one, but two platform tokens, EVO and EVOG, to form a dual-token economy in-game.

Evo will be a major carrier of game value and will be traded on DEXs and major exchanges. An in-game currency to buy eggs, cachas, patents and trade NFTs. It is also proof of holding that you can receive dividends in the game. All kinds of decentralized finance activities are carried out with EVO.

On the other hand, EVOG is mainly used as a utility token in games. Players spend EVOGs to breed Cacha or Cacha Synthesis and other in-game requirements. However, the value of EVOG can be linked to EVO by creating and trading NFTs. Users can earn EVO by consuming EVOG to hatch higher levels of Cacha, or by synthesizing and selling.

The dual-token model may be more complex, but it is essential to assessing the value of EVOGs. Using Evog to meet frequent in-game demand frees Evo holders from concerns about excessive inflation that hurts the value of Evo.

Ultimate Integration: Defi

Perhaps the most innovative integration Evo Surfers has made is the combination of Gamefi and Defi. If users don’t want to play or trade anyway, they can take advantage of the Defi innovation and relax while still enjoying the growing benefits of grams.

Evo Surfers offers a variety of Defi options, including liquidity mining, Evo bonds and staking, of which staking offers the most versatile way to profit in a financial way. Users can use their Evo tokens as collateral. This means that by performing staking, you can receive a different percentage of dividends depending on the amount staked and whether or not the EVO is burned. Finally, users can stake EVO tokens on the Evo Surfer DAO to become shareholders of the entire game and also receive dividends from the revenue of the entire platform. Evo Surfers puts 50% of their weekly earnings into DAO as dividends to DAO investors.

As you can see above, Evo Surfers has integrated passive income models such as patented NFT, metaverse land business, dual tokennomics and Defi’s copyright into one game. This multi-dimensional integration itself is Evo Surfers’ biggest innovation and key to becoming the next hit in the Gamefi space.

Learn more about Evo Surfers: https://www.evosurfers.com

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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