Ezra Miller threatens to ‘knockout’ retail workers in viral TikTok clip

Ezra Miller appears to be embroiled in another controversy after a video of the actress threatening to ‘knockout’ a retail employee who wants to be photographed with her has resurfaced online.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Ezra Miller Offers To ‘Knockout’ Fans

A video featuring Ezra Miller is said to have been shot in 2020 and was shared by TikTok user @peterknight2800 on Sunday. Soon after, the post went viral on the platform and has been viewed more than 3.5 million times to date.

The 10-second clip features Miller, who appears to be talking to another person, and a young man approaching the actor as if trying to take a selfie.

But when the Flash actor notices that he’s being recorded, Miller tells the man behind the camera, ‘…always knocking you out, so don’t panic.’

The exchange between Miller and the man is simple. He allegedly stopped filming when he realized the DC star was talking to him.

User Peterknight2800 outlined the post with the caption, ‘I just wanted a picture.’

Besides, the guy seems to be a fan of the manga, looking at his hashtags and previous comments. He once mentioned ‘Batman’s Contingency Plan’ and ‘Reverse Flash’.

A TikTok user further explained the details behind the video in the comments.

He said, ‘I asked. [them] For the photo that I was nervous about meeting [them] And he asked me to knock me out so I wouldn’t panic.’

Ezra Miller accused of manipulation of 18-year-old woman

Ezra Miller has gone unnoticed for months after her 18-year-old parents accused the actress of brainwashing their daughter.

Father Chase Iron Eyes spoke to Newsweek recently. He revealed that his daughter is staying with Miller.

“I’m concerned about Ezra’s state of mind,” Chase added after filing with the court for a restraining order against Miller.

Nevertheless, daughter Tokata Iron Eyes, who is now Gibson, has defended the DC Comics star, claiming that the accusations are ‘strange lies’.

Meanwhile, Miller faced several legal clashes while living in Hawaii.

The privilege of being a Wallflower star broke social media silence in June after sharing several memes on their official page.

One of them is, ‘You can’t touch me, I’m in another universe.’



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