Fact Check: Beyonce’s ‘Break My Soul’ song leaked online?

The new track from her next Beyonce album, ‘Break My Soul’, is now accessible online streaming and fans think it’s leaked.

Beyonce’s next film, Renaissance, was recently announced. It follows Lemonade, which was released in 2017.

After much speculation and speculation surrounding her seventh studio album following a redesign of her social media accounts, Queen B finally revealed the good news last week.

And one of the songs on this album is already spreading on the Internet.

Break My Soul streaming is now available.

Break My Soul was launched on Tidal at 12 am on Monday, and at the same time the lyrics video was released on YouTube.

Although she hasn’t officially announced the release of the new single, she posted on her Instagram profile, “6. Wake up my soul now.”

The number 6 could indicate that this is the sixth song in Act I on this CD. It’s unclear if more parts will be included on the album.

Beyonce’s song was not leaked

Many Beyonce fans believe that the album Break My Soul leaked online before it was released.

It’s not because the singer has released the release. This song can also be viewed on the official YouTube account. Her Instagram bio reflects these sentiments.

Some joked that she couldn’t be Beyonce playing Break My Soul because the song wasn’t as good as her others.

However, there is not enough subjective opinion to prove that the sound source has been leaked.

Fans believe the song was not released by the singer

Despite ample evidence that Beyonce herself dropped the song, many are still talking about the leak.

“I see Break,” said the speaker. In one tweet, “My Soul was leaked early” was posted.

Another said, “It’s ridiculous that ‘Break My Soul’ has leaked and it’s still going to do it better than all the favourites.”

“Apologies who leaked Break My Soul,” one fan wrote on Twitter: “There’s a special place for you in Hell.”

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