FACT CHECK: Did Shane Dawson die of a scam on his birthday in 2022?

The birthday child, Shane Dawson, is the victim of the most recent outrageous death scam. Despite his 34th birthday celebrating his 34th birthday with his friends and family, fans remain concerned and perplexed by the reports.

Bruce Willis, Tom Holland, Snoop Dogg and other celebrities have recently been targeted by death scams, just like Shane.

On July 19, when YouTuber names began to become popular for all sorts of reasons, terrified followers flocked to Twitter to confirm the rumors of his death.

Shane Dawson is not dead

Sadly, on his special day, Shane fell victim to a scam. However, these rumors are not true.

Shane has been active on Instagram for the past few hours as she’s been busy celebrating her birthday. He shared several anecdotes along with pictures of her birthday, the most recent being 40 minutes before writing.

In April 2021, a similar fake claiming that the YouTuber had died was spread through social media.

As many fans began to believe the claim, it even elicited a reaction from Keemstar at the time.

Keemstar said, “The death of Shane Dawson is trending! Perhaps this is fake K-pop spam. I just texted Shane to confirm him. Still no response.

Then and now, it was a deception. There is no reason to worry among fans.

Fraud dominates Twitter

Shane’s supporters were stunned and bewildered when they learned that “Shane Dawson dead” was trending on Twitter.

However, this was quickly disproved by reliable sources like Def Noodles.

The title of the most recent post is “Breaking News That Will Crucially Change Your Life: Currently, Twitter is reporting that Shane Dawson has passed away. He is truly healthy and happy to celebrate his birthday.

It seems that some fans are still puzzled because Shane hasn’t commented on the rumors.

youtubers happy birthday and it’s ok

The YouTuber is now celebrating his 34th birthday, and a ridiculous Shane rumor has shocked his followers.

He tweeted an image of himself and his dog Riley sitting in a room full of balloons just an hour ago. Also around him are a pink birthday cake and tons of gifts.

The caption of the photo with the words “Happiest birthday so far:,)”.

Riley Adams Dawson, also known as RAD, is speaking. We are already in love with her. For you to meet her, I can’t wait! She has a pleasant personality and whenever she does something I am very proud of her. 34 How do you feel?

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