FACT CHECK: Does MrBeast Have Lung Cancer? TikTok video description

Some people on TikTok believe that MrBeast is lying and this is why he pays strangers. But none of this is correct.

MrBeast is known for donating millions of dollars to complete strangers. The YouTuber has been incredibly successful as a result of the video, but many have questioned why he does it.

With this in mind, it is not surprising that this investigation has sparked numerous theories. One of them is that a YouTuber suffers from lung cancer.

MrBeast does not suffer from lung cancer

After several videos aired on TikTok claiming he had lung cancer, claims that he had lung cancer began to spread online. Much of the film consisted of pictures and beats of MrBeast, along with the text “He has lung cancer”.

This is not the first time similar rumors have appeared on the Internet. Fans believed that the YouTuber paid him because he had kidney disease a few months ago. The claim came to prominence after a TikTok member known as hesmyoverd0se posted a video on the app confirming it.

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What disease does MrBeast suffer from?

MrBeast has Crohn’s disease and has been open about his health issues from the start. But that’s not why he pays.

In 2011, a YouTuber made public his diagnosis for the first time. He said he suffered from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), a condition that affects the extremities of the small intestine and leads to the colon.

A YouTuber even revealed that he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when he was in 9th grade. He said there were days when he was constantly in pain and couldn’t do anything.

MrBeast has talked a lot about his illness ever since, with the goal of teaching people about it.

Why does MrBeast like to donate his money?

MrBeast donates his money to promote his video. When MrBeast first started creating content, the creator’s popularity was based on how he worked differently from others on social media.

With this in mind, spending a lot of money on an individual and then donating felt like a wise starting point. Since then, MrBeast has worked hard to secure several partnerships where he can be creative while promoting his material on social media.

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