FACT CHECK: Is Alinity really pregnant with Mizkif’s baby?

Alinity’s very “pregnant” photo on Twitter not only baffled Mizkif, but also made fans believe the streamer was expecting a baby.

Alinity had previously played a similar prank by claiming that Mizkif was pregnant and didn’t know who his father was on the stream.

However, the streamer is certain they won’t have children in 2022.

Alinity Shows Fake Baby Bumps

Alinity excited her Twitter followers today (June 17) by sharing a photo of herself with an adult baby.

She said “Yo @REALMizkif” in the caption. I believe the baby will arrive soon! You better get used to being a father.”

Other famous streamers and Internet figures have posted their reactions to the fake pregnancy announcement, which drew a lot of attention.

“Can I have a placenta?” Susu tweeted and OTK posted an animated image of the child Alinity and Mizkif imagined.

Surprised by the news in response to Alinity’s post, Mizkif tweeted a series of question marks.

No, the streamer is childless

Alinity doesn’t really expect children. She previously admitted making the same joke at Mizkif’s expense.

During the broadcast in May 2022, Alinity called Mizkif to inform her that she was pregnant, but only had a negative reaction.

Alinity said Alinity when her supporters came to believe her. Mizkif urged her to swear it wasn’t her joke.

Moreover, unlike the baby bump she revealed today, the streamer’s recent Instagram photos show no signs of pregnancy at all.

Alinity had shared selfies by the pot just two weeks ago, but there were no traces of bread in the oven. She couldn’t go to a fully developed baby bump in just a few weeks.

So it’s clear that she’s pulling Mizkiv’s leg once again.

Source: HITC

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