Fact Check: Is Avril Lavigne Pregnant in 2022?

Avril Lavigne’s pregnancy rumors are garnering attention as a dress optical illusion. Well, it’s not new for a female celebrity to have such pregnancy rumors at one point in her life. However, post the official relationship between Avril Lavigne and her fiance Mod Sun. Rumors are circulating that the couple is welcoming their first child. But is Avril really pregnant?

Read ahead to learn more about Avril Lavigne’s pregnancy rumors due to dressing fantasies.

Avril Lavigne and her love life

The private life of celebrities is not hidden from the paparazzi for a long time. Well, so did the popular singer Avril Lavigne. Avril’s life has always been spotlighted in some way. Recently, her love life has received the most attention on social media.

As Avril Lavigne found her love in Mod Sun. The two got engaged this year. According to Avril, it was the best proposal that ever caused the problem of getting down on either knee and bending the union for life. However, rumors of her pregnancy have been circulating recently.

Is Avril Lavigne Really Pregnant?

We’ve all heard several pregnancy rumors about celebrities. Some turned out to be true. Some remain just rumors. But after Avril and Mod Sun’s engagement. Rumors circulate that the couple will soon be expecting their first child.

But is it really? Well, the news is definitely unfounded. Because neither Avril nor her fiance revealed anything about it. Also, the couple’s social media pages do not contain anything suggesting that the rumors are true. So we believe this is just a rumor.

Dress fantasies sparked rumors about Avril Lavigne’s pregnancy.

Before rumors circulated that celebrities got pregnant just by looking at their clothes, we went through numerous cases. Well, you may remember the same thing happened to Hailey Bieber at the awards ceremony. When her baggy gown sparked rumors of her pregnancy.

So was Avril. One of her recent photos looked different from her previous ones. It was rumored that she might be pregnant. But it is not because there is nothing to prove it.

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